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How to Buy Cheap Valorant Points (VP) Via Codashop

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To buy cheap valorant points at any time of the year and at any price, you need to know where to look and what to look for. Codashop may not be the largest marketplace, but it does have its advantages, especially when it comes to cheap valorant points! Once you’ve figured out which vendor will give you the best deal, the only thing left to do is place your order and wait for it to arrive! All in all, buying cheap valorant points is easy and can save you lots of money! Don’t believe us? Keep reading!

The Reason Why You Need To Buy Valorant Points

There are so many FPS games that have gained popularity nowadays and Valorant is currently one of them. Over the course of time, the game developers have added several features such as cosmetics battle pass, weapon skins, and so on. All these things keep the ecosystem of the game entertaining as well as fresh. However, if you want to avail these things, you need to spend VP or Valorant Points. This is a kind of in-game currency and you must have this to enjoy the game fully. Now, this is why you need to buy the cheap Valorant Points.

As of now, there are different platforms that are allowing gamers to buy in-game currency and Codashop is one of them. When it comes to purchasing in-game currency or game credits, a huge number of gamers rely on Codashop as it offers a seamless experience. The gamers do not need to sign in additionally and the purchases get added to the game account directly.

Steps To Buy Cheap Valorant Points

As of now, we have told you why you need to buy Valorant Points from Codashop. Now, we will be letting you know about the steps. So, read on the following points:

  • First, the gamers need to visit the official site of Codashop.
  • Now, they need to put the Riot ID.
  • After that, they will get the recharge package.

The list of recharge packages is as follows:

125 VP Rs.74
380 VP Rs.222
790 VP Rs.444
1650 VP Rs.888
2850 VP Rs.1480
5800 VP Rs.2960
12500 VP Rs.5920
  • After choosing the suitable recharge package, you need to select the payment method. The good thing about Codashop is that it supports multiple payment methods.
  • Now, in order to receive the VP purchase through email, you must add your email address. After that, you will have to tap ‘Buy Now’.

After following all these steps, you will see Valorant Points get credited in your in-game wallet. You can use these points to buy different in-game products.


As of now, you have understood how to buy cheap Valorant Points from Codashop. So, why are you waiting then? Follow these steps and buy Valorant Points today and thus, enhance the overall gaming experience.

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