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How to Play Coin Master Like a Pro – NEW Tips & Tricks

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Coin Master is, theoretically, a game using cash won by playing a slot machine to create a village. Make your village enough, and you open the following village, expanding the estimation of your compensations in return.

In addition, there are several light social elements by which you attack the settlements of other players to destroy their buildings and gain coins, or “raid” the “Coin Lord” by digging up their village’s hidden treasure. So, this is the game Coin Master is for.

So let’s come back to our main topic, so if you want to figure out how to play a pro-like Coin Master, then this is exactly where you need to be.

If you’ve ever used slot machines, or whether you like playing other near-gambling games, whether on desktops, cell phones, or in real life, then Coin Master is certainly a game you’re going to love. Coin Master may be the thing you’re waiting for to coin-fully waste time! So here are some new tips and tricks which can help to play the Coin Master game like a pro.

Coin Master Guide 2020

Play often

You are encouraged to play Coin Master two to three times a day in order to grasp all game mechanics, tasks, settings, strategies, controls. It not only encourages you to grasp the game, but it also helps us to explore limitless entertainment. So, aim to play the game as much as possible to allow players to enjoy infinite advantages.

Probably the best mistake Coin Master players make isn’t appreciating the game consistently. To help them advance in the game, you need to realize that the Coin Master game gives players a big bonus every day.

To use these services, you need to log into your Coin Master account on a regular basis to get a free spin incentive. There is no time for certain players to play Coin Master on a regular basis, and they still choose to play on weekdays. We suggest signing in at least once a day for those players to catch those free spins.

Spend your Coins Judiciously

One of the main things you have to do in the game is to construct new structures in your village when you get Coin Master coins. Do not keep the coins for later updating or reconstruction in the portfolio.

At the point when you log off, players are allowed to assault your village and get all your hard-won coins, since this game is for attacking or ensuring your stronghold. So, follow the Coin Master thumb rule “keep on designing and improving a new house.”

You will earn a star when you create a building in your village, which will assist in locating a new village as collected. Along these lines, continue constructing your village with the coins you get from the gambling machine and attacking the settlements of different residents.

Try to complete your card collection before unlocking new village

Probably the best blunder Coin Master’s new players make is that they continue to open new villages without completing the arrangement of cards. You have to understand that everything the cards required to open at the lower level didn’t spring up when you went to the upper level.

To get your preferred cards, you need to continue asking for trades from friends or members of Facebook communities. So, before you pass on unlocking a new village in the Coin Master game, you can proceed to complete the set of cards to escape all these issues. With 09 cards in each category, there are 33 types of cards in the Coin Master game.

The Slot Machine and Essential Items

There is only one way to win in-game things from the slot machine. There are several important items that can be added to obtain additional bonuses.

Any essential items also assist players to advance more quickly. The game results as well as the progress summary were reviewed according to the stuff you got from the spins. Plays get eight free spins for the Coin Master in earlier phases and five free spins every hour after that.

Invite friends or family member to play the game

The referral incentive has been added by Coin Master, which ensures you can earn prizes if a person uses your referral and enters the Coin Master game. Presently, this is an exceptionally fun approach to get prizes and presents, as you can rapidly welcome individuals from your family, companions, and schoolmates to play this game.

When welcoming any friend with your referral links, you will earn 25 free spins. It’s very easy to invite your friends and family members; you have to copy and paste your referral links on social platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. You may get the Coin Master referral motivation if your companion or relative snaps on the connections to play the game on their smartphones.


A broad variety of characters is provided by Coin Master. With each village level, the character keeps shifting. From wizards, warriors, rulers, queens, humans, and animals, The Coin Master provides a wide variety of characters.

Now, let’s move on to our final tip, “How to stop someone from attacking your Coin Master village,”

Stop someone from attacking your village in Coin Master

When you have won loads of coins, this trick would be useful and you want to save these coins for future events. You will make sure your coins are safe by using this trick. Ghost is a trick you learned in Coin Master. Saving your village from attackers is really beneficial. In Coin Master, we have a comprehensive article about the ghost mode, how to use it, and its advantages.


You’ll find yourself using these tips and tricks as a pro player in the Coin Master game. By trying various game possibilities, these tips and tricks are made. The primary component is that they will undoubtedly work. In your own game, you can experiment with this. Rather than dealing with fake instruments that literally waste time and hope, it is easier to focus on these tricks and tips.

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