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How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

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If you’re wondering how to cure a zombie villager in Minecraft, then read this article until the end. The article explains a step-by-step guide about curing zombie villagers in Minecraft. Minecraft has many mobs, and out of them, zombie villagers are one of the many mobs. While playing the game, you will come across different types of zombie villagers who can appear in your world in a couple of ways. They can be found either naturally spun or if a zombie attack is an ordinary villager zombie villager is also created. As zombies can infect the villagers just like the same way it is also possible to cure the villagers when zombies infect them. So without wasting much time, let’s explore how to fix zombie villagers in the below section.

What Are The Required Items To Kill Zombie Villagers?

You need a couple of items to kill zombie villagers in Minecraft.  Refer to the below section to know about these items

  • Splash potion of weakness
  • Golden apple

A Step-By-Step Guide to Curing Zombie Villagers in Minecraft

You can use a golden apple to cure a zombie villager; the golden apple can be made by surrounding it with golden ingots. This will make the zombies experience weakness when a player throws it.

Check out the step-by-step guide to cure zombies villagers in Minecraft in the below section

  • The first and foremost step in killing a zombie villager is to make a splash potion of weakness. This is created by adding gunpowder to the potion of weakness using a brewing stand. You can refer to the internet and also have a piece of in-depth knowledge about creating a potion of weakness.
  • Once you follow the above steps after 20 seconds potion of weakness will be created
  • Now you have this splash potion of weakness, and you need to save it. Once this is done, a golden apple is required. To make a golden apple, an apple is required that surrounds it with eight gold ingots. The apples naturally fall from the leaves when a tree is cut down.
  • One of the best materials to have in Minecraft is gold; however it requires mining using an iron pickaxe

Check out the below section to know about the recipe for crafting an iron pickaxe

  • When you have the eight gold ingots, the next step is to smelt them in a furnace however, if you face difficulty in creating or using the furnace, you can read the various articles on the internet. This will help you in using a furnace
  • Once you have successfully acquired the gold ingots, you need to position them on the crafting table
  • Upon success acquiring your potion and the golden apple, find a zombie villager
  • Now that you have found a zombie villager, now the step would be to cure it. One of the best options to cure zombie villagers is to trap it in the fences so that they cannot escape.
  • Once you have trapped a zombie villager, you need to throw your space potion of weakness at it. This will make the zombie villager to face weakness effect. You can refer to the grey particles to know about the weakness of the zombie villager.
  • Now that the zombie villager is experiencing the weakness effect, the next step would be to feed the zombie villager with a golden apple. To perform the action successfully you need to right-click a zombie villager and provide him with the golden apple you have in your hand. Upon feeding the golden apple, the zombie villager will start shaking, and you will notice that red particles are coming out from the zombie villager.

Thus zombie villager will get cured and will turn into an ordinary villager


How Much Time It Takes To Cure A Zombie Villager?

It takes about five minutes to cure the zombie villager of the time you have given the villager with the Golden Apple. However, during this period, the zombie villager will still act like a normal zombie.

Is There Any Option To Cure A Zombie Villager Without A Potion?

As of now, there is no option to cure a zombie villager without a portion in Minecraft. The zombie villagers must encounter the weakness effect to get a cure. The article has clearly explained how zombies can experience weakness.


Hope this article was helpful to you in learning about how to cure a zombie villager in a Minecraft game. This is one of the most helpful skills in the game as this will help you get more villagers to meet, which you can trade emeralds with.

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