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BitLife Guide: How to Make Money and Get Rich in BitLife

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BitLife game comes in the list of popular games because BitLife is a very good addictive game for players. BitLife is a life simulator game that can be played only on Android and ISO devices. You can live your dream life in this game but only on your mobile phones. If I say easy language, then you can fulfill all your dreams easily in BitLife that you want to do in your real life. If you dream of becoming a millionaire, then you can become a millionaire in a BitLife game, but for that, you will have to earn a lot of money.

What’s the easiest way to get rich in BitLife?

But how will you earn so much money? So in today’s article, I’ll tell you how you can earn a lot of money in the BitLife game. If you want to become rich in a BitLife game then today I will tell you 5 genuine ways that can help you so that you can become rich quickly in a BitLife game and those 5 ways are written below.

Real Estate

The first way to become rich in BitLife is by real estate. In BitLife Real Estate will help you make a million dollars. This is an exceptional way of putting the cash safe. Buy an expensive house at the stage where you have enough currency, and pay in real money.

The real estate market is steadily rising in value in BitLife. So, you can be confident when you sell your home you will have the opportunity to receive large amounts of money. Sit on the land you own for a long time, or a lot more.

They’ll make you a millionaire and agree in value. If you are unlikely to pass them on to your children by using the option of Will and Testament in Practices and your children likewise choose not to sell it, sooner or later you might also become an incredibly rich person.

Play the Lottery to Get Rich

The second way to become rich is by regularly playing the lottery. You have a surprisingly good chance at winning, which is clearly preferable to any opportunity you might get in real life. If you win then you’re a millionaire moment. Make an ordinary performance to hold the cash flowing in, then continue playing the lotto over and over again.

Even you will go a whole lifetime without winning the lottery. You will win the lottery on multiple occasions in a single lifetime, though, helping you to become rich in BitLife.

Changing Jobs

Often continuing to look for a better-paid career would be in the best interests. Switch off your job, and look for a new job that pays well. If you are not receiving the incentives you’re hoping to work hard at your current workplace, so moving careers might be your best option. This is the third path to make you become BitLife rich.


The fourth way to become rich is by gambling. In case you’re expert at betting then you can lots of money. That only works in the Android version, however. The gambling functionality has been removed from BitLife ‘s IOS update, for whatever reason. If you’re playing the Android game, you can play your way to the wealthy.

Gambling might make you wealthy overnight, but that entails a lot of risks here. You would need to be 18 to dispatch your profession as a card shark and afterward hit the blackjack tables in the Casinos. You will wager more on the off chance that you win.

In a blackjack game, you can get to millions of dollars a player. If your winning chances in a game are poor then you can exit and not risk all of your money. If you play dumb though, then you can risk everything you’re betting on.

You should start with the highest bet every time you hit the Casino, and aim to go to the same one each time. Play your side, and exit the Casino if you score. If you lose the game then close the program and restart it (even from the background).

Return to the Slots, and bet more to win more. Continue doing this before you can bet $10 million a hand.

Do work in the Entertainment Industry

The final way to become rich is doing work in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re beginning a career as an actress or a porn star, you’re getting some big bucks on the road. You should not think about being clever, but you need to focus on your beauty and fitness. Start your character with good looks at least 80 percent.

You would need to start aging once you have the eyes, and then ask your parents for some money afterward. Now save this cash and use it to get an gymcenter card.  Act on your body and keep fit until you are high school graduate. Begin searching for a job in the and the film studios after that.

Have a profession to keep your looks over the 90 percent level, or begin taking a stab at the rec center and keep it at 100%. Keep hunting for places that are different than what you’re doing right now.

If you select one, move to the new role, or occasionally you may get a promotion as well. Climb the ladder to get to positions like Lead Actor or Porn Star. This is where you get the percentage bar for Fame, and you’re going to try to raise fame and make more money.

You may enter social media, give people messages, and begin to attract followers. Often only chance will make you very tall, which is a positive thing. Use the celebrity to write books, do photoshoots or advertisements, among other things found on the Celebrity page, until you’re famous among earn decent money.

These practises will improve your ranking, thereby allowing you to get more money. Any of these things will only be carried out if you have not taken on the part of Porn Star. When you get a high level of success, you will make a lot of money off your commercials to get closer to the 100 million dollar mark. Keep with all of the above, and keep hustling before you get there.

So in this article, I told 5 ways that can help you earn lots of money to become rich in BitLife.

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