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How to Get Free Pets in Adopt Me! Roblox (EASY)

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So in this article, you will get to know how to get free pets in the Adopt Me game but before that first, let me tell what Adopt Me is about. Adopt Me is a large multiplayer role-playing game that can be played in the Roblox gaming platform. The main focus of the Adopt Me game is role play, where players will have to adopt different varieties of virtual pets and have to take care of those virtual pets to grow, and later those visual pets can be traded with other players as well.

So this is Adopt Me is all about and now let’s back to our main how to get free pets in the Adopt Me game. If you ever played or you are playing the Adopt Me game, then you know that there are many ways to adopt pets in the Adopt Me, but if you want to adopt a pet for free in Adopt Me game, then it will be a little difficult for you. Because there are some ways by which you can get pets for free in the Adopt Me, and those ways are written below, so read them.

Get Free Pets in Adopt Me

Starter Egg

When you play this game for the first time, you have to go to the nursery to talk to Sir Woofington, and when you talk to them, Sir Woofington will give you a starter egg, and you have to complete the objectives to hatch that egg. And when you complete the given objectives, then you can hatch the egg. And after hatching the egg then you will see an option saying that you want to choose a dog or you want to choose a cat, and you have to make this choice very carefully because if you have chosen one, then later you cannot change your choice.

Star Rewards

Star Rewards is a great way to get free pets, and you don’t have to work too hard to get with them. Not only will you gain the stars as often, but you will also gain bucks by opening game every day. In every 5 days, you will get a gift and a star bonus. And you will get a cracked egg on the 30th day by which you can hatch it to get a free pet.

If you have gathered 210 stars, you can buy a Ginger Cat. If you collect 400 stars then you can get a Toucan. And in case you gathered 550 stars then you may get a Starfish, and at the off risk that you could gather 660 stars then you may get a Golden Egg to be able to come up with a Golden Unicorn, Golden Dragon, or Golden Griffin once you hatch the egg.

Purchasing Pet by Earing Money

This is the last way to get pets for free, and you will not spend any real money in this method because you will earn money from this method so that you can buy eggs to gain free pets. There are many ways in which you can make money in the Adopt Me game to buy eggs. So those are the methods –

Paychecks: When you are playing the game, from time to time, you will get paychecks. You will get $20 in every 10 to 15 minutes if you play the game continuously. So you don’t have to do much, just keep running the game in the background and come after a while and collect your paycheck. That’s it.

Login bonus: As I told you earlier that you will get star rewards as a daily login bonus, as well as also told that you will get money too. So again, you don’t have to do too much. Just once every day, you have to open the game to collect your star rewards and money. And one thing you should remember is that you have to log in to the game every day so that your streak does not break.

Objectives: For any blue objective that you complete, you will get 6-7 bucks. There are things like taking a shower, cooking and offering everything to your pet to drink. Orange goals get you $12 bucks, so try to do that when it’s open! They usually expect you to go to overt places such as campground, beach, or school and hang out there for a short amount of time.

Money Trees: Money trees are something you can put in your home that often throws up bucks on it. You will read it as it does, and get 8 dollars per time. You can get all of these so you can only earn a $100 bucks cap per day, so you don’t need that many.


So that’s it, I told you about all the ways you can get pets in the Adopt Me game for free. And for those who are for searching hack and codes, let me tell you there are no hacks and codes that you can use in the game Adopt Me.

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