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Why Gamers Need a Fast and Reliable Private Network for Better FPS

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Surely you have experienced a blockage when you want to open a certain site. So what should you do to open it? It’s simple, just use a VPN service so the site can be reopened in your browser. Actually, the benefits of a VPN are not only unblocking sites; there are other reasons why you should use a VPN. Let’s get to know and discuss VPNs in more depth.

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that can allow you to have a secure and private connection from your device to the internet network. Your digital footprint can be hidden with a VPN, such as masking your device’s real IP address and encrypting your internet traffic.

This is important because cyber crimes can stalk you at any time, from hackers to fraudsters. Below are the reasons why you should use a VPN, especially for gaming.

Why are VPNs Useful in Gaming?

Opening Blocked Websites

Your favorite site is blocked by the government? It must be very annoying, right? Usually, the Government has a reason when censoring a service on the internet; sometimes, this is related to licenses, copyright taxes, etc. With a VPN, you can unblock your favorite sites.

Cut Bandwidth Throttling

Your internet suddenly slows down while downloading or watching YouTube. The reason is that the ISP or internet service provider that you use slows down internet bandwidth because many consumers use data simultaneously, so users buy bigger data clothes. By using a VPN, the ISP does not know your activity on the internet and will not limit your internet bandwidth.

Improve Experience When Playing Games

When playing online games, you are often faced with IP restrictions or Geo-blocks. And become a very annoying distraction for online gamers. A VPN will change your IP address, overcome geo-restrictions, prevent bandwidth slowdown, and reduce ping times and other issues.

Removing Geographical Restrictions

Can’t you watch your favorite overseas TV programs that you like and can only watch via streaming platforms? This relates to the business and tax interests of a country. With a VPN, you can mask your real IP address and replace it with that country’s IP address for you to use so you can access those geo-restricted content.

There are many VPN service providers on the Internet. However, it is very difficult to find the perfect VPN. But don’t worry; here we will give advice on the standards and features that a VPN service must have:

  1. Strong encryption
  2. A kill switch feature
  3. Fast servers
  4. P2P or peer-to-peer support
  5. There is no entry policy
  6. Cross-platform enabling applications.

Moving Regions, Regions, or Countries To Find Easier Opponents

With its ability to access data through certain local networks, VPN technology can be used as if we were accessing data from the location of the local network provider.

For example, when the VPN used is located in the United States, it seems as if we will be seen by the public system as accessing data from the United States even though we are not in that country.

Or, simply, the players can search for certain regions with few users and not many professional players by using a VPN location in that region.

Protect Data & Privacy

Your internet connection will be encrypted by a VPN so that your data and activities on the internet cannot be detected by others. VPN encrypts your internet connection with encryption technologies such as IP security (IPsec), secure sockets layer(SSL), Transport layer security(TLS), etc. VPN will help with static IP as well, which is beneficial in gaming. However, be sure to pick only the recommended services to avoid any further problems.

Stabilize Internet Network Connectivity

One of the things that are quite annoying when playing games is when the network we use is messed up, or if players call it red Ping, so the game lags.

This is usually caused because the local network being accessed by many users. For that, as a solution, you can also take advantage of some of the best VPN applications to connect to other local networks.

But, of course, this speed also depends on the strength of the network signal in your area. If it is caused because it is too far from the BTS (Base Transceiver Station), this method will also be useless.

Understanding The Risks

Surely, using VPN does come with certain risks, especially the ones related to IP address protection. Although the connection is nearby, you may experience a slower response time between you and the server. You’ll feel some lags, but only a bit. If you have free VPNs, chances are you’ll even have terrible FPS due to the slower connection.

Thus, we highly recommend using premium services that have larger and wider server capacity. Plus, you can enjoy the other features as well, like gaming optimization, for example.

In general, using a VPN to hide your real IP address when playing games has many benefits. There are three ways to use a VPN on a PC or laptop: through the Windows network configuration page, downloading software from trusted sites and then installing and activating it on the PC, or using the internal software already on the router. The second way is the most common, and almost all PC devices can use it.

Of course, there is no definite anti-error guarantee that completely guarantees confidentiality and security when playing games. Using a free service is not recommended because the VPN service provider needs funds to continue its work, and user information may be shared with interested parties or the provider’s country of origin. Always use a VPN service from a provider that provides a stable connection, is ready for online gaming, and has fast data traffic while performing its main functions.

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