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How to Always Win As Impostor in Among US | Impostor Tips & Tricks

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An online multiplayer game, Among Us, is available on PC and smartphone. You’re a team member working to manage a rocket ship to keep the mission on schedule. There is only one concern amongst the crew that there are impostors. Other impostors are the only people who know the impostors and their job is to disrupt the mission or, without being detected, kill the other teams.

When anyone finds a body, whether an emergency meeting is called twice-per-game, players discuss who they believe the impostors are. They share details regarding what they heard, who was away, and whether someone was behaving suspiciously.

Among Us, he places four to ten plays in the space ship crew’s astronaut gear. One of three members of the crew are “imposters” whose aim is to destroy everyone else while attempting to survive unharmed from other players.

So now let’s talk about how you can always win as Imposter in Among Us

How you can always win as Imposter in Among Us

To prevent being assassinated, crewmates must perform multiple mundane tasks found in each of the three maps of the game, or they can sniff out and vote off the imposters at crew meetings. Just when somebody finds a dead body or assembles a crisis conference will crew gatherings be held, and these roundtables are the main way players are allowed to converse with one another in the game.

The imposters ought to behave like the crew to avoid raising suspicion. The catch is they are not even able to finish the assignments. Imposters approach the Sabotage menu and different assets they can use to control how individuals from the collaboration towards net execute.

Winning as an Imposter often takes a delicate mix of faith, craftiness, and the ability to think on your feet. So here are the 7easiest ways which can help you to always win as Imposter in Among Us game.

You have means, as an impostor, to make your life simpler. Remembering to sabotage helps you to exploit the map to your benefit. Doing anything as easy as shutting the lights off will give you the advantage you need to pick up a fast kill or two with the limited danger involved. Turning out the lights seriously restrains the sight of the crew to see, so you can shoot with almost impunity.

Several ways of sabotage exist, such as taking away air, setting a timer to blow up the ship, locking doors, and more. These are all helpful to the impostors. Using the right sabotage can be game-winning at the right time.

2. Fake your tasks

This is easy, the tasks on your taskbar are false! (Except for the animated ones, just fake a short one or something if you have an animated assignment). False assignments make you look average, which is always cool. Don’t think up nonsensical activities (download data to admin at game start) or you’ll look dumb. These fakers can be detected (usually) by seasoned players. Only falsify lengthy jobs.

3. Don’t kill when cams are flashing red

Let’s face it, at some point, we’ve all done this. The tiny cams on the ceiling are going to be red flashing. Outside of medbay, in the oxygen passage, and outside of admin, they are outside of safe.

4. Never kill in a place a bystander has seen you enter.

This one sounds odd, but think about it this way, Lime saw you come in electrical, on his way to refueling storage. Upon leaving, he decides to search electrical and see what’s going on, since the doors are locked … Oh no! No no! Violet is finished! This means you went in, murdered, and vented, so you didn’t see lime going out. It’s surprisingly easy like this to lose. Bear in mind that certain crewmates are cooler than they seem.

5. Gain Someone’s Trust

An excellent technique is to chase anyone around and not kill them for a little time. Very definitely they would vouch for you if there was a situation in which you might easily have killed them without being captured but not. Finding an unknowing ally by the hand of the group tends to relieve any skepticism geared at you. By vouching for them first you can likewise fool them into vouching for you.

In a game where people are naturally distrustful of others, tricking others into winning your respect is a priceless weapon that can shield you for a long time and help guide you towards a simple victory.

6. Watch out for cameras

The surveillance cameras are used by crewmates to examine everyone. Although it is better to absolutely stop killing in front of the cameras, often you just have a few seconds to take your chance. Thankfully, since it will feature a red, blinking light, you can tell when a surveillance camera is working. Even while killing out of the view of a surveillance camera, if you have found that someone is monitoring the place, it is worth taking special precautions to ensure that you usually go through the entry and exit motions.

7. Report bodies

Gaining the faith of others can be impossible, but by disclosing the body of a player you’ve murdered, you can attempt to accuse an innocent crewmate. This tactic is obviously dangerous and if other crewmates are also questionable, it can quickly backfire. However, if you’ve played cautiously to this stage and tried to get someone to clear you up in prior sessions, it can work surprisingly well to hide in plain sight. Likewise, once you’re conscious that the crew believes an innocent player, it allows you to create a convincing argument against them and eliminates you from the ejecting line through announcing the body when they’re comfortably near through.

So in this article, I told you 7 easiest ways which can help you to always win as Imposter in Among Us game.

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