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The Revelation Of The Powers Of Life Is Strange 3’s Protagonist

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Life is indeed strange. To live it well is stranger. What better way could one choose to live life in a relaxed manner than play a game filled with fun and life decisions. Life is Strange is a role play game. For the children without siblings out there, if you wish you had a sibling, this game is just made for you.

This game gives you the experience of being a sibling and commanding your brother towards what is right. The choices you make in the game determine the life of you, your brother, and everyone else you both encounter. This game is loved by most of the teenagers of today. The incredible visual treat, sound quality, and relatability are the prime reasons this game is an enchanting choice for teenagers. The options and decisions left in the hands of the players are just so relatable to the ones that we make in real life.

This game already has two versions. The third version is yet to be released. Square Enix, the game’s production company, informed that they would reveal the updates about the third installment of the game soon. But the crazy fans of the game, instead of waiting, started to look for the leaks published by user Meelow on the Resetera forum.

From these sources, we were able to find a few fascinating pieces of news about the game. Though the accuracy of the news is at stake, it sounds fascinating. The most important information we got was about the protagonist of the third installment of the game. The heroine of Life is Strange 3 is a bisexual woman named Alex. It also says that she comes from an Asian background. The power that she possesses is different and new from the superheroes and villains we have so far seen.

Alex has the power to control the emotions of other people. You all now wish you were Alex, don’t you? Alex has a brother named Gabe. He plays an important role in the plot of the game. It is said that the player has the option for some romance in the game. An option to romance at least two characters is open to the player. No romance in real life? Come have something in your game now. This is another reason why this game is loved by the teens out there. Love anyone in the game, romance the hell out, but leave without a heartbreak. This is where we can find relatability. Talking about bisexual romance is a stigma in the present patriarchal society. The only way to destroy it is by making people understand its reality through media and entertainment. Considering this, the initiative this game has brought is truly commendable.

The setting of the game is in a small town around the Midwest. And it is similar to the Arcadia Bay that was seen in the first instalment of the game’s series. This must be a treat for the ardent fans of this game. Reports say that the first version of the game was preferred and played by the gamers than the second version. We can expect the third version of the game to be better than the second version. The third instalment of the game is an updated version of the two. It has also upgraded its audio and video quality. Life is Strange 3 will provide greater advancements in respect in terms of the quality of the animation and details. The bugs and the technical glitches that we saw in the game’s previous installments have been removed.

Though we all can get delighted about the information we read, we cannot rely on them because they are not from a trustable source. Unless we get the news from the production unit officially, this information can only be considered rumors. All we can do now is wait for the official announcement from Square Enix. But the sad thing about it is that it might take quite a long time, and the exact time of the announcement is unknown.

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