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House Party Walkthrough: Complete Amy's Story, Walkthrough Guide, Tips

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House Party is not just a game that you can play but it’s a whole experience of meeting new players and interact within the party, just like your real life. House Party is a version of dating games, or you can also call it a romance simulation game where the player can communicate with other party attendees which distinct characteristics and choices. The whole concept of this house party game comes from real-world experiences. The game would give you some options to choose from, as the option would lead you to different outcomes in the game. As the moral decision would lead you to a better game experience, just like our real life.

The game was released in 2017 by Eek Games, and it was a huge hit back then that’s why it was sold more than 30,000 copies in the first few weeks. As I added earlier in the article, the game is more based on interactions, decisions, and lastly quests. The players can only make a romantic relationship by completing quests given by other players or NPCs. Below is the game plot of House Party Game so you would get a clear idea about the game in your mind.

House Party Game Plot:

The game begins as the main player gets invited to a house party at Madison’s house. Madison is one of the characters of the house party game, which you can build a romantic relationship with, but more on that later part of this article. There are more than 25 relationship opportunities a player would normally find while playing this game. You can complete all the narratives by achieving all the quests but beware of some of these quests can lead you to negative effects in the House Party Game Walkthrough.

Now, where this article would help you?. The answer to this question is quite simple as we are going to post every possible House Party Game Walkthrough, and House Party Guide of every single character opportunity you can pursue. Below is the list of tasks attached to a character that you can perform to achieve a passionate relationship with that particular game character.

House Party Amy Walkthrough

Now, as you would probably have some idea about how this works but let me tell you again, so if any players want to achieve a relationship with Amy then they would have to do some quests and tasks in one particular order. Then you can carry forward with Amy and enjoy the game even more.

What Do Players Require?

  • Soda – Players can get a soda from the fridge in madison’s house.
  • Coffee Cup – Players would find this item in the living room, on Frank’s (Another House Party Game Character) chair.
  • Towel – You have to go to the bathroom, specifically to the ground floor’s bathroom.
  • Madison’s Phone – Players would normally find this item in the main bathroom, near the tap.
  • Paper – Players can find these papers nearby the Study room laptop.
  • Pencil – Players can get it at the desk of the sky bedroom.
  • Painkillers – You can get these medicines from the bathroom, behind the door.
  • 6 Bottles Of Alcohol – Now, this is tricky, as any player would not find the 6 bottles from one place so they have to collect them from Living Room, Fireplace, Garage, Master Bedroom, Laundry Room, Upstairs Bathroom, and Study Room.

Once these items with you then you can go forward with this House Party Guide and get to know the House Party Game Walkthrough. Read below and follow this step-by-step walkthrough to accomplish everything with Amy.

Amy – House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 1

  1. Go to Amy and talk to her first.
  2. Now, the situation would come so you have to offer for helping her in the treasure hunt.
  3. Then you would have to go back to amy and check the requirements from her list.
  4. For the final step, you can directly deliver the credit card.

Amy – House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 2

  1. Go back to amy and check the list again for the requirements. Now, the list would tell you to get a condom.
  2. So, you talk to frank and get a condom.
  3. Then you should look for Derek and ask him if he knows about Frank and if Frank is gay or not. Reply with a positive response and tell him that you think the same, and then ask what’s the deal with Amy.
  4. Then go to Frank and tell him you are having feelings for him, then you would receive a condom after following him.
  5. Go to Amy and give her the condom.
  6. Go to the room where you have seen the fireplace, and talk to the Son.

Amy – House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 3

  1. Go to Amy and check the list again.
  2. Approach Derek and ask for this shirt.
  3. Then go to the computer and create a request, print it with the printer.
  4. Now you would have to choose this interaction with these particular people to achieve your goal. Below is the list of things to say to that person in the House Party Guide.
  • Amy: “You have to sign it”
  • Frank: “for re-establishing prohibition”
  • Stephanie: “The prettiest signature wins”
  • Katherine: “It to castrate all men”
  • Brittney: “It’s for a free the nipples campaign”
  • Ashley: “It’s for Derek to take his shit off”
  • Patrick: “help him, its a surprise petition”
  • Rachael: “Everything is cool, it’s for Derek to take his shirt off”
  • Madison: Tell her about the brownie and then talk to her about Derek.
  • Then directly go to Derek and hand him the signed petition, and then give the shirt to Amy.

Amy – House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 4

  1. Check the list once again.
  2. Then go to Madison and give her phone, and agree to the idea of humiliating Ashley.
  3. Then address Ashley and show yourself that you are really worried about her. Tell her that she’s way sexier than madison and make her promise to you’ll help Brittney.
  4. Go back to Ashley, and give her the dairy, then go with her in the room.
  5. Then you have to offer to wash her clothes and save her panties.
  6. Wash the laundry in the laundry room, and put it in the dryer then take these clothes to Ashley.
  7. Go to Amy and give her the panties that you saved.

Amy – House Party Game Walkthrough – Step 5

  1. It’s the last and final time to check the list, once this is done then you can go and get some real action with Amy.
  2. In this situation, players would have to tell him to betray the brotherhood.
  3. Go to the kitchen, and start the microwave. It won’t work so you would have to ask help to Katherine for repairing it.
  4. Find a cup and mix water and chocolate in it, then go to Amy and give her that.
  5. Tell her that you want to know her better, and really convince her to go to some private place.
  6. She would agree, then you would have to follow her to the room. Then you could start talking about a good time until you unlock the scene.

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