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GTA Online: How to Give Money to Other Players

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Grand Theft Auto is a paradise for gamers. It is like a religion for all the ardent gamers. Playing this game is an addictive fascination for youngsters. There are many versions of the name like GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA London, etc. The newest member of the GTA family would be Grand Theft Auto Online. A production unit named RockstarNorth developed and published this game. GTA Auto Online is a thrilling game filled with action and adventure.

It is the online multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto 5. The online version differs from the other versions of the game because it allows up to 30 players to play simultaneously. The players can wander in the familiar map of the story mode. This game was a big hit financially as it sold more than 130 million copies worldwide.

The game is set in a fictional place called Los Santos. In the city, money plays a prominent and significant role. Hence, they call it the King of Los Santos. Yet, the place where you can find the king remains a secret. People, who have been in the GTA online lobby for quite an amount of time, would surely have saved enough money to enjoy the “Life of the 1%”. However, new players must know how to give money in GTA 5 online. If you give away a good amount of money to the beginners, it will be easy for them to skip the struggles to a better start.

The online game does not allow the players to exchange or transfer a large amount of money. It does not even permit you to give cash straight to your friends or fellow gamers. The reason why the production unit brought up this policy might be to maintain the balance in the game. If you enable money transactions, players could sign up multiple accounts to grind for cash. It can disrupt the balance the game has and there would be no more fun in it. The devs motivate those in the same server to corporate and finish missions together for cash. It is one of the ways available in GTA on how to give money in it. You can follow a few different methods to transfer cash in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online 2020. We have listed them below.

How to give money in Free Mode Events?

The only way to bestow cash in the game is by sharing the part you receive from completing missions because RockStar does not allow the players to transfer money directly. Considering this category, Freemode Events are the easiest of all options. The production unit introduced this feature of the game in the Freemode Events Update. The update includes several competitive modes, which expect you to join jobs or lead screens. It is an enchanting start to build a new empire if both you and your friends are newbies. It lets you earn from 10 to 25K for completing each mission. Comparing to the amount you might get by stealing cars and selling them or robbing the local stores, this amount is decent.

Listed below are a few events you can join with your friends.

  • Business- Battles: This event takes place in Public sessions every 15 minutes. Here is where the players compete for business goods.
  • Checkpoints: In this, the players must spread across the state and collect all the checkpoints scattered around it.
  • King of the Castle: In this event, the players will fight against each other to capture a particular area on the map.

How to give money in Heist Cut

This method involves a classic feature of the game: Heist. A player should be in at least level 12 rank and must own a high-end apartment with a planning room to unlock and access this feature. One of the players will be appointed as the group leader. It is their duty to start the preparation phase of the heist. The leader gets to choose the profit amount for the crewmembers. By decreasing your profit down to zero and increasing the cut of the profit for your friends, you can give money to them in the game. A heist usually needs from two to four players. Therefore, it would be of more benefit if you ask a few of your veteran friends to help the newbies. However, there are better ways to give money to your friends in the game.

How to give money: VIP Work

The first step of this method is to open the interaction menu and register as a CEO. For this, you have to own an office in the first place. After signing up, go back to the menu and find the VIP work. After this, invite your friends to your organization and choose from a series of small missions. Open the interaction menu and split the cut of the profit with your friends to maximize the amount of money you give to them.

How to give money: Import\Export

Many people are unaware of the fact that they can give money in GTA 5 by using the Import/Export feature. Nevertheless, you and your fellow player must own a CEO office and a Vehicle warehouse in the game to access this feature. After this, everything else becomes a piece of cake. What you have to do is, simply hop out of the vehicle you are sourcing or exporting to your friend. They have to take the vehicle to their warehouse. Upon completing that, your friend will receive an amount of cash for delivery. A quick pro tip is to stick with high-tier cars to yield the most benefits.

How to give money by selling cars

This method is an all-time classic. You just have to wander across the streets of San Andreas and hop on the best vehicle you find there. Take the vehicle to any Los Santos custom shop. Tune and customize the vehicle to the max. You can leave the insurance out because once you purchase it, the car becomes yours. Then, give the customized vehicle to your friends and ask them to get insurance for it themselves and sell it for cash. They might approximately get just 50% of the money you put in. However, this is a great way to give money.

We hope this article gave you enough answers that you expected. Transferring money directly is not possible in the game. However, that should not stop you from helping your friends, right? Though you cannot help them straight, you can do your best donation by following the methods listed above. Happy gaming!

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