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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Finally Gets A Transmog Feature and More

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Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is an action game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is loved by the children and the teenagers of today as it comes with a storyline. Background stories for games make them more fascinating and preferable. The story is set in the time of 870-880 AD. It is based on the story during the Viking invasion of Britain. The culture, tradition, and vintage set up in the game, are like the icing on the cake. The concept is commendable and the visuals are truly a feast for your eyes.

This game received appreciation even from the critics. At the time of release, it received a lot of positive reviews. The game was praised by everyone for the narration, characters, voiceovers, visuals, its world-class designs, and of course, the interconnection that was very evident in all of the activities.  

In The Game Awards 2020, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla was nominated for the Best action and adventure game and also for Innovation in Accessibility. The various optional side missions in the game are one of the main reasons why it was nominated for the innovation in accessibility award. No award can give the satisfaction that a player’s appreciation gives. In that case, too, this game stands as an icon of success. It has won the hearts of people which is incomparable to any achievement it could ever accomplish.

The game lets the player decide the gender, outfit, and appearance of their character. This interests the youth of today so much because they seem to have a fascination for customization. There exists a wide range of weapons in this game which includes flails and greats words. This game is based on the philosophical concept that not all wars need to come to an end with the assistance of violence. Some of them can be brought to an end with diplomacy too. The unique enemy archetypes of the game challenge the player in their ways.

This action-role-play game has got a great welcome to date. The challenging nature of the game has kept it in the race for quite a long time now. The most enchanting news about this game is that a new update is said to be released soon. The update is reported to include various fixed and additional features that might keep the game on the race track for some more time. 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Update 1.2

The update that the game is going to receive is patch 1.2.0. It is expected to be released at 5:00 AM PT. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla was launched four months ago by Ubisoft. They launched with various smaller and large bug fixes. This however was eliminated by the Devs. This does not mean that the support for the game has declined. The newest AC is said to be supported longer than the instalments done earlier and the unit does not intend on limiting themselves to patches.

The latest patch of the game brings various new skills. It also comes with an alternate camera setting, the Easter event, and the most awaited upgrade of all, transmogrification. Transmog or transmogrification is the feature that allows us to change the appearances of the items we like while still not changing their statistics. This feature was anticipated much because of the craze for customization that people have nowadays.

The patch weighs from 12 to 18 GB. The updated game is expected to come with three new skills. They are as follows: The first one is the fearless reaper. It is supposed to increase the area of effect damage and remove the height limit. The second one is the Raven’s loot. It helps to pick up the items that the enemies drop down after death. The third one is the Loot food. It helps to find food near the bodies of the dead enemies.

All these new add-ons in the game, including the fixing of bugs and technical glitches, are surely going to take this game to the next level. Since this game already tops the favorites list of most of the gamers now, all we can hope is that it does not dropdown. Let us wait for the release of the new update and see if the game still gets appreciation from the critics.

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