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How to Play Call of Duty Mobile – Beginners Guide

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At least anyone who has ever played a computer game has heard of Call of Duty, and everyone who has ever played a smartphone game has at least learned of the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, widely known as PUBG Mobile.

So, what happens when all of these variables are mixed together? Activision had a similar supernatural intervention, in collaboration with Tencent and Timi Studios when they released Call of Duty Mobile before excited yet highly cynical audiences.

A couple of months later, and a fervent week of playing later, we can comfortably say that Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best handheld shooter games ever made. Currently, it may also be one of the greatest games of all time ever made for smartphones.

Although that’s just about all you need to hear right before installing, here is why we think it’s nice. Call of Duty Mobile opens exactly as any new-age mobile game does, with daily incentives for signing in, introducing incentives for being among the game’s early entrants, bonus monetization for others who choose to play more deliberately, and so on.

This blends this with the classic grouping of Call of Duty characters, arms and gear mods, and, most notably, some of the most popular CoD maps. If you are a Call of Duty pro or just starter, here’s what you need to know about playing Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile Best Settings Tips

For Call of Duty, there are a wealth of settings and options: smartphone and the best depends so much on how you want to play and what handset or tablet you play on. Taking the time to try all the solutions is worth it.

Choose Advanced mode: There are two basic or advanced control methods that will be introduced to you at the beginning of the game. When you aim at someone, easy is autofire, but Advanced allows you total control and it’s the latter you can prefer, even though it means having a little more practice. With basic buttons, you’ll never get anywhere.

Customize the controls: Press the Settings Cog in the lobby and you’ll unlock all the game settings. You will have the Basic and Advanced option in Controls as above, but in advanced you will have the customize button-press this and you will drag control elements to new positions. Be mindful that there are slightly distinct docks in multiplayer and battle royale, so configure both.

Aim Preference, Layout & Loadout

Being a handheld touch screen game, one of the most critical facets of Call of Duty is how effectively you can target and control your character. The difference between winning vs. losing would be to select the right target and target option that matches the personality and level of ability.

The initial tutorial on the game will take you to a shooting range where you will learn the fundamentals of movement and target for smartphone mechanics. Test both the standard shooting mode and an advanced one. Then, in live “multiplayer tournaments,” we suggest trying them both again before you decide the one you prefer.

Note, you’re always playing bots before level 7, so don’t think about being killed and moving in with a new target feature. You’re always going to meet dumb goals that stand in the open and race like goofballs.

More specifically, you’ll also want to change the design of your interface to suit your style. The on-screen keys, such as the goal and fire key, can be concealed but still used. The game just takes everything off the screen so that you can see opponents and the battlefield better. We suggest studying the template, then hiding it as soon as possible.

And ultimately, each COD player needs to know all about the loadout. This is what weapons, gadgets, and gadgets you go to war with for you beginners. You will have five different load-outs as you advance.

Customize it and get the weapons you like the most, or with them, you will be the most powerful. Bonus tip: You should adjust the loadout, not just plays, between deaths. So, if you need a couple of minutes to switch up and be a Sniper, do it.

Try to go after airdrops

A supply airdrop will land regularly around the map, similar to other battle royales. Keep searching for green dots on your charts when you get there, there will be a smokestack going up. You can find some of the rarest weapons and vehicles in the game inside the airdrop, including the War Machine Grenade Launcher. Airdrops are also ideal ways to set up a trap, so for an opportunity to get the treasure, enemies will also be drawn to the smokestack.

Buy and equip weapon upgrades

You’ll win a plethora of updates for your favorite weapons during your time playing Call of Duty Mobile. You can activate those enhancements by using XP cards.

By completing different challenges and gaining experience along the way, XP cards are achieved via the combat ride. Simply navigate to your loadout after you have a few cards in your store, pick your preferred weapon, and comb through the many upgrades available.

From multiple scopes and sights to suppressors and foregrips, make sure you don’t ignore these unlock because they can play a vital role in giving you a strategic advantage.


So in this article, I told you how to play Call of Duty Mobile. But I wanted to list a few other things to help you learn, develop, and master the all-new game Call of Duty: Web. Do not fire from the hip or when running, for example.

What this means is that, because you’re not as precise, you never want to just shoot blindly at goals. Aim or crouch, then stop moving for a fleeting moment. Take your opportunity, then take cover rapidly.

In the later stages of a match, it may also be beneficial to be outside of the circle to trap or annoy the remaining teams.

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