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Astroneer – Beginners Guide And Tips! (How to play the game)

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A new era has just arrived with the popularity of the Astroneer game. Now, most people are bored with Minecraft, and they wanted a new game with just a similar vibe, Astroneer is just the perfect game for them. The Astroneer game was released in 2016, but the full release was available in late 2019. The game provides a unique experience to travel from planet to planet, searching for new elements and along the way building stuff with available resources.

The beauty of the game is that it doesn’t have any plot or storyline, so you can just start the game and play, with no more game-cut scenes. You are just right in the gameplay, so nothing feels sluggish or dependent. At the time of the launch, the game received mixed reviews all around the world, but it took some time for players to understand the depth of the game.

Astroneer Beginners Guide: 2022

At present, the players of the Astroneer are increasing that’s why we have thought to add this guide for them, with some help to understand the game dynamics, players would love to explore more and more about the game. That’s why we are going to list down all the Astroneer Beginner’s Guide & Tips for all the gamers out there.

Don’t Waste Valuable Storage Space

If Astroneer players need to take packers with them on space travel, the unique thing is that they can store them in storage compartments if they aspire to. We will give you a better solution, attach them to the side of your shuttle or rover, so you don’t waste storage space.

Sometimes, the ship hologram suggests some unnecessary tasks to do like putting oxygen in the side slot of the shuttle, but the game is designed in that way, so you can play any way players wish to play.

Using Field Tool

The main usage of the field tool is to see the items in the game, that are not visible in the area, as well as on the map. With the help of the field tool, now finding things is a piece of cake for players. The seeing field would increase to twice size.

Mixing With Extension Cords

Extension cords are difficult to handle. Players can install an extension cord, and they don’t know if their cord is currently placed or not. Dealing with ports and cords is always a struggle with Astroneer players from the beginning. However, We have tried to crack the unsettled code with the best possible resolution, Astroneer can insert the extension cord into the slots on the auxiliary bag, then they can try to extend the cord to the maximum possible limit and it will not allow more than that, after that press the button on the auxiliary port to extend the final length.

Don’t Get Lost In The Planet

If you ever feel that you are just lost on the planet that you have chosen, don’t worry. Gamers can just see right up in the sky and find a star that is connected to another planet. You can drop colored beacons all over the place, to get the proper position yourself. We would advise you to follow the straight line of the star you are seeing, so it will get you to someplace rather than being stuck at some unknown place.

Quick Shortcuts

Shortcuts are pretty handy when it comes to smooth gameplay. Astroneer also gives a handy of new features for enthusiasts. The shortcut for picking up the stuff is Holding down the Shift key while walking on the items. It will directly go to the directory of gamers.

Getting Byte Sets In The Game

Bytes are the most helpful things in the Astroneer game, so we have listed down some ways to easily get the bytes for you to explore the gameplay.

Research Applications

The byte type and its value depend on the planet you are currently on. Any players can simply find a small research sample that can make and produce from 100 to 1000 bytes per scan of the research facility. Occasionally, you can also find an important search object in the manual of the stage, or planter, that can consist of a good amount of bytes.

Farming Bytes

These bytes are called agriculture bytes in the game, players can find anything from rock to a bush that can consist of any specimens for accumulating bytes. Moreover, you can set up more than one station for creating bytes.

Looking For Bytes

The one and old method is to look for them wherever you are in the game. Most players kill monsters around the planets, as it can get them 300 bytes for each monster or more. Slaying monsters, and getting bytes, you couldn’t ask for more perfect gameplay, Astroneer.

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We hope this article gets you all the Astroneer Beginner’s Guide & Tips you need before playing the game for the first time. However, we are always here to make the gameplay more and more interesting for Astroneer players. You can add tips and tricks in this Astroneer Beginner’s Guide and tips, and we would love to try out and update this article for future players.

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