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Shadow Of Death: Dark Knight Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginner

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A side-scroller action game that packs up the required punch to get the flows running in the veins. The game has all the RPG elements that it needs to have all the skills for the gamers to have while playing it. Shadow of death gives a new experience to gamers out there in the world. This article is going to provide all the tricks and tips for Shadow of Death: Dark Knight. These things are going to help players enhance their gameplay compared to other players.

Choice Of Characters

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight has all the characters unlocked, and that’s why it is important to try them all and get to know that which suits your personality and preference. We have listed all the characters present in the game with their powers and weakness, so it would help players to choose better which player to go for in the long run.


He is the most balanced character in the game that has decent range, mobility as well as armor. The only thing that makes him powerful is his ability to deal with damage and his skills. The name of the game is based on this particular character. He bears a curse on his arm, that uses to throw demonic energy.


A girl that comes from Dark Sorcerses’s family. She has learned magic from an early age and has the curse that is going to de-age herself. She looks small and cute, but she is not in real life as she excels at ranged combat and black magic. She is capable enough to deal damage to enemies from a safe distance.


There was once a teenager known as Ron, but he passed away for some reason, and his soul was captured by a rude King. Now, this king has yielded the cursed armor known as Mount, that’s why its name is the Mount. He is very powerful and heavy, however, he can swing all around in the game. His strikes are strong enough to crush enemies. You would have an advantage of Increase HP and Defense because of the armor.


A rebellious scythe-wielding keeper of time and space. She is a quick attacker that can cut up enemies in seconds with the help of a scythe, and quickly turn around the front and behind her. Out of battle, she appears to be easy to fall in love with. With the speed, she feels very unpredictability in battle.

These are all the characters that one can choose from, you can play around with each of them to get a better idea about it. Without seeing and using their real skills in the game, you wouldn’t get the best idea about the game.

Get 3 Star If Possible

Playing the game is much as important as winning them every time. It’s all about victory and getting those 3 starts at each level. In this way, the players would get a hit of confidence. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight has all the time of enemies that are going to stop you from getting those 3 stars, but it’s the competition that makes RPG games more fun.

Setting up the best loadout is a must when playing these types of RPG games. Most skilled players of Shadow of Death: Dark Knight would set the loadout of the game just right to conquer every horde coming his way.

To get extra starts, one has to:

  • Complete All Objectives
  • Should take damage less than 30% max HP
  • Clear Stage within 120 seconds

Dodging Attacks

Moving out of the attack or dodging would give you an upper hand because it would help players to protect themselves and then attack where it hurts the most enemies. This technique is mostly used in every game to save energy.

Watch Out For Enemies/Hazards

Players have to get really attentive when playing this game, as Shadow of Death: Dark Knight. The enemies and harmful items are everywhere as you have to cut through them every time you came across them. So alertness is very crucial while playing it. The weather of the game also plays an important role in the game that can come at you during the gameplay. The stones can stun your character and decrease his health in no time.

Kill Main Enemy First

In every level of the game, you would come across an objective/main monster that will trigger you and other enemies to hunt you. So, we would advise you that focus on that villain first and foremost. You should take this as a priority tip for Shadow of Death: Dark Knight. If you finish the objective monster, then all the other sidekicks are going to go automatically.

Look For Patterns

After competing with all the other enemies on a particular level, it’s time to defeat the BOSS. Every stage’s boss is going to be different, and it would require you to do some search for patterns. Yes, the BOSS will always have some attack patterns that players can see and get to know it to defend.

You can get to know the attack pattern by looking for all the moves and stuff with the BOSS. If the BOSS doesn’t have any patterns, then you should always look for weak points in Shadow of Death: Dark Knight.

Battle In Arena

Some players really get tired of playing and defeating all the enemies, that’s why Shadow of Death: Dark Knight has introduced a battle area. This in-game feature lets players battle with other real players around the globe. Your players are going to reach new levels as well as ranks every time they defeat new and real players.

Winning is much as important as defeating enemies and getting those three golden stars. Players should fight with other real Shadow of Death: Dark Knight enthusiasts and get that winning streak going on.

These are some tips and tricks we found while playing Shadow of Death: Dark Knight. We hope that these things will work in your favor and make you a much more improved player of the game. You can also comment on any new tips and tricks, we would add those in this article too. If you have any queries and questions, feel free to write those in the comment section. It’s time to earn the glory.

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