Steam Says Game Is Running? Here’s The Fix

If you are playing games on Steam? you might have annoying problem “Game is already running” but not open error on Steam.

Well, we have found out a working fix for this issue.

And in this post, we will discuss game is running but it’s not open and will cover the tips get to know how to fix When Steam Says Game Is Running error.

So, let’s get started.

What Causes Steam says the game is open, but its not?

Steam is just a great platform for purchasing games, playing that games with your friends with the help of the internet. The main purpose of the steam is to give a proper platform for game lovers where they can create just one account and play, buy their favorite games. As steam is doing that they are taking a cut from the game owners as they are giving the platform to transact the games. As the security standard steam is in charge of everything connected to the game itself, that’s why whenever you open the game to play, the steam would first open up and check if the game files are correct and if the game is updated or not, and many more things connected to the game.

However, there are some problems with the Steam client, as sometimes it shows the game is still running after closing the game. This article would help users to solve this issue of Steam Says Game Is Running with the below solutions.

How to Fix When Steam Says Game Is Running?

Fix 1: Restart Steam

This is the first problem to the solution when Steam Says the Game Is Running. It works as wonderful as the game sometimes stops working but it stays open in the background. That’s where you need to check and close from the task manager where all the background processes are listed. Below is the guide Fix Steam Says Game Is Running.

  • Open task manager or hit Ctrl+Alt+Del at the same time to open it.
  • It would open up task manager, now look for Steam client in the list.
  • Right-click on the item and choose the “End Task” option to shut down the steam.
  • It would take a minute or two to shut down and clear all processes.
  • Then try relaunching the game to see if the solution has worked or not.

Fix 2: Closing Game From Task Manager

If the restart of the steam doesn’t work then in your case, you have to carry forward with this method where users have to close the game instead of a steam client if the game is running in the background.

  • Open up the task manager just like the earlier step.
  • The name of the game can vary, so find the game in the list of task managers. You can search the name of the game from an executable file from the internet.
  • Once, you find the name of the game, click on the service and then right-click on it and “End Task”.
  • Restart the steam once again and check if the issue is solved or not.
  • Launch the game afterward.

Fix 3: Closing Game From System Tray

Some games work differently than others, that’s why users have to also check if the game produces an intro menu when the game starts. The intro menu is just as same as the game launcher, as it launches when any user starts the game.

To do this solution, users have to check the system tray. You would find the system tray on the taskbar of your windows system. The system tray is the up arrow icon in the taskbar. Click on it and see if the game is running in the background. If the game is currently running in the background then the game icon would show in the system tray. Right-click on the game icon and Choose quit/close. Then restart the steam and open the game.

Fix 4: Restart Your PC

If you are not able to solve the issue and the Steam Says Game Is Running then this is the one method that is going to work for sure. As this method is going to close all the programs. Do not shut down your system as windows 10 has the feature of the fast startup that some programs would stay open in the hibernate stage. That’s why it is necessary to restart your system whenever this happens.

Fix 5: Reinstall The Game

Restarting should solve the issue of the game running, however, if the issue still remains then the problem is not the windows but corrupted files of the game or steam. We advise you to first reinstall the game to check if the game files are corrupted or not. If this solution does not solve the issue then as the final option user can reinstall the steam software.

But first, reinstall the game, if the game files are corrupted then it would solve your issue as soon as possible. Follow the below guide to reinstall any game from the steam.

  • Start Steam.
  • Then click on “Library” where it would show you a list of games that are purchased and installed on your system.
  • Right-click on the game which caused the problem, and chooses to uninstall.
  • It would show you a warning that would say if you want to delete game files? or not. Users have to choose to “Delete” game files in order to solve this issue.
  • After uninstalling the game, restart your system.
  • Then open Steam.
  • Then click on “Library”, and choose the game you want to install.

Fix 6: Reinstall Steam Client

Users can choose this solution as the last resort t solve their problem of Steam Says Game Is Running. The solution is used whenever the steam files are getting corrupted due to some unknown reason. So, there is nothing you can do to change or fix this issue. That’s where you have to reinstall the steam client.

  • Open the control panel by pressing on Windows and S buttons.
  • Type Control Panel into the search field and hit enter to open it.
  • Click on “Uninstall a Program ” under the “Programs” Icon.
  • Find Steam from the list of applications/software.
  • Select Steam and hit “uninstall” from the top of the list.
  • Once uninstalled, download the updated version of Steam from the browser.
  • Install Steam and then Install The Game.
  • Once this all is done then launch the game.

We hope that these solutions would Fix Steam Says Game Is Running issue and you get what you are searching for on various websites. Do let us know which solution worked for you to stop Steam Says Game Is Running. If you know any of the new solutions for this error type it out in the comment section so we can update our list for frustrated users.


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