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Will God of War Ragnarök be one of the Biggest Games Ever?

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2018’s God of War will be a tough act to follow, but Santa Monica Studios is attempting it this year with the release of God of War: Ragnarök. The upcoming offering will continue the Norse themes that were prevalent in its predecessor and will act as the finale to this era of the overall franchise.

The popularity of the 2018 game and the prevalence of mythology themes in the entertainment industry suggest that Ragnarök could be huge. But will it beat its predecessor and become regarded as one of the greatest games of all time?

New Game has Many Factors Working in its Favor

There are many factors that suggest Ragnarök could be one of the biggest releases in console history. It will doubtlessly attract all the players that enjoyed God of War and who want to see the story continued. However, it will also piggyback on the popularity of Vikings and mythology in other areas of entertainment.

Since the History channel brought this period to life in Vikings, the Norse seafarers have been highly prevalent. The success of that show inspired a Netflix-produced spinoff, Vikings: Valhalla. It also led to an influx of Viking games on mobile, such as Vikings: War of Clans.

The thirst for ancient God themes is also apparent in the gaming industry, and this could lead other players to seek out Ragnarök. For example, in the list of online slots at Playstar, there are countless titles that turn to mythology and ancient gods to allure players. These include games like Hoard of Poseidon and Wings of Ra. The abundance of games that are influenced by these ancient themes highlights the enduring fascination that people have with them.

Ragnarök Will Expand on its Predecessor’s Themes

God of War told an expansive and engaging story, and it can easily be enjoyed as a one-off adventure. However, the ending to the title left a lot of potential to explore new themes and ideas in a future game. At the end of the 2018 title, it was confirmed that Ragnarök, a world-ending event, would soon be on the way. Atreus also had a vision that Thor would come to blows with them, suggesting that the well-known god will be a major antagonist in the upcoming game.

God of War’s gameplay mechanics were incredible, and IGN says there will be more updates in the new game. Indeed, there are already more than 10 gameplay changes confirmed by the developers. The aim of the game will be to attempt to stop the apocalypse, and it will involve fighting enemies like Thor and Odin. There’s no doubt that all the elements are there for this one to be an incredible game.

God of War is regarded as one of the best games of all time, so if Santa Monica Studios can keep the quality up in the new offering it will be seen in the same light. New consoles will allow for even better graphics and mechanics, so there’s a strong chance that it could be the biggest title ever released.

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