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The Most Interesting Indie PC Games in Development Right Now

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Independent Video Games or Indie Games are a pillar of the gaming industry, and the upcoming Indie titles for PC gearing to launch this year are just insane. We got to see a glimpse of these games in February at the Steam Game Festival 2021, and it was enough to create the desired hype.

The festival displayed many games across different genres. Indie developers continuously push their work to the next level despite relying on a small team and limited budget. So we have compiled a list of the most exciting games that are due to release in 2021.

The Riftbreaker

The Riftbreaker is published and developed by EXOR studio with their in-house engine, the Schmetterling 2.0. It is a base-building strategy survival game.  Your objective is to hack, slash, and shoot monsters to gather items and do research as a player. There is no specific release date as of yet. However, you can try the demo on Steam.


Developed by Wily Pumpkin studio, Potentia belongs to the third-person action-adventure shooter genre. It will allow you to play as a tactical shooter within an exciting story. Potentia got a release on February 11 on Steam. It is available for $19.99 and has mostly positive reviews. The demo is still available for you to try.

Sands of Aura

The publisher and developer of this action RPG are Chashu Entertainment. Sands of Aura is playable in an open-world setting divided into islands and buried under the sand. The release date for this visually excellent dark fantasy game is yet to be known. However, you can follow Chashu Entertainment’s Twitter page to gain more information about the release.


Undying is one of the most anticipated indie games of the year. The title focuses on an exciting approach to the zombie apocalypse genre. Storywise, it follows Anling and her son Cody’s fight for survival. The developer of Undying is Vanimals, and the publishers are Vanimals and Skystone Games. Mid-2021 will see the release of this game. However, the demo is available for you to play on Steam.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory is another RPG set in the world of a coloring book. You have to play as a dog with a magic brush and a mission to paint color and life into the world. The game contains both single and co-op modes. The publisher and developer for Chicory: A Colorful Tale isFinji and Greg Lobanov, respectively. There is no releasing date for this title currently.


Arid takes place in the harsh condition of the Atacama Desert. In this open-world survival craft game, you must endure desert hazards like sun exposure and dehydration to win. You also get to create items for hunting, repairing, and gathering materials. Developed by Sad Viscacha Studio, Arid has no release date yet, although a pre-alpha demo is present on Steam to play.


Foregone is another single-player 2D action game developed in an exciting Metroidvania-style. It provides slasher-and shooter-style combat gameplay with a rich storyline, fierce weapons, and tasty loot. The PC version is available for purchase on Steam from March 1, while the demo version is still available to play.

Genesis Noir

The developer and publisher of Genesis Noir are Feral Cat Den and Fellow Traveller, respectively. The gameplay allows you to jump through pockets of time, create and destroy life or civilization, and many other things to save your beloved- Miss Mass. The first quarter of 2021 will see the release of this point-and-click game.

The games mentioned in this post are the real gems of the Indie games releasing this year. So, ensure to play each one of them on Steam as soon as they get released.

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