Luna Storia RE Codes

Are you looking for Luna Storia RE codes? Then you are in the right place here you can find a list of new Luna Storia RE codes that can be redeemed for gems, gold, tickets, ascension stone chest, summon crystal fragments, and other exciting rewards in-game.

Luna Storia RE codes are valid for a limited time only. So, Players hurry up to get the valid codes below and claim rewards. On this page, we have listed all working Luna Storia RE Gift codes 2022 wiki list that players easily collect the free rewards by following the redeem process in the how to guide section. In addition we have mentioned exactly where to get more code for Luna Storia RE.

About Luna Storia RE

Luna Storia RE is one of the popular RPG game. This Game Has More Than 50k downloads with a rating of 4.7 on Google Play Store. Luna Storia RE is an RPG mobile game that was released by Runewaker Entertainment for Android and iOS Platforms. The unique skills and patterns and featuring many characters that takes you in this turn based strategy game.

List of Luna Storia RE Codes 2022

  • OEQQLJSH8A: Redeem this code for Gem x500 and 2 Hour Ascension Stone Chest x10
  • 4RC2MC8SUZ: Redeem this gift code for Gem x700, Summon Ticket Fragment x120, Core Summon Ticket Fragment x120
  • XSZFLD3D4J: Redeem for Gem x750, 24 Hour Mana Chest x5 and Clash Coin x5
  • AXRU4NAPVY: Redeem for Summon Fragment x120 and Gem x 700
  • JTHI2M2ARU: Redeem for Gem x500 and 2 Hour Gold Chest x10
  • K36KMILX4X: Redeem for Summon Ticket x3 and Morganite x5000
  • A2FA5ZMQFQ: Redeem for Morganite x5000 and Summon Ticket Fragment x300
  • I8K5DT2T9T: Summon Fragment x360 and 2 Hour Ascension Stone Chest x10
  • DDFAXEV7LY: Redeem for Patrol Coin x1500 and Summon Ticket Fragment x100
  • CNYZCSX8G: Redeem for Gem x500 and SSR Summon Fragment x10
  • CNYAXA289: Redeem for Gem x500 and SSR Summon Fragment x10
  • CNY6MJUDD: Redeem for Gem x500 and SSR Summon Fragment x10
  • CNYG2XU2L: Redeem for Gem x500 and SSR Summon Fragment x10
  • CNY8U7M4U: Redeem for Gem x500 and SSR Summon Fragment x10
  • CNY4TRSGK: Redeem for Gem x500 and SSR Summon Fragment x10
  • HLS3AE3EMV: Redeem for Summon Ticket x10 and Core Summon Ticket x10
  • 632FNQ18RB Redeem for Gem x666, 2 Hour Mana Chest x10 and Patrol Coin x3000
  • ROCB4NSXNF: Redeem for Gem x300 and Navigation Fuel x100
  • G3RQG11DDL: Redeem for Gem x300 and Rainbow Dew x100
  • 9CJRURLZN3: Redeem for Gem x300 and Summon Ticket Fragment x100
  • ED7YN6PNNW: Redeem for Gem x300 and Morganite x5K
  • WLCU12IDUG: Redeem for 5 Elemental Stone (Common) x100
  • HB5A1TL6OY: Gem x600, SR Summon Crystal Fragment x300 and Stamina x80
  • 8OONO1DHJD: Redeem for Summon Ticket x10 and Morganite x5K
  • LLMVYSWHYS: Redeem for Patrol Coin x3000, Ameliorate Scroll (Novice) x30
  • Ameliorate Scroll (Intermediate) x30, Ameliorate Scroll (Advanced) x30

In order to get free rewards without errors, Please do not that they are case sensitive, so you must exactly type out like it’s written above. Unless you won’t get the mentioned rewards, so be careful when you type the code in game.

How to Redeem Codes in Luna Storia RE

  • Go to official redemption website of Luna Storia
  • Now, you have to Enter the player id in the ‘PID’ section.
  • Enter the codes in the ‘Promo Code’ section.
  • After that, Click on the ‘Submit’ button to get your rewards.

How do I get more codes for Luna Storia RE

To get more codes, You can follow the official Luna Storia RE Facebook page, Twitter, Reddit and Discord. Where the developers share about the latest updates and announcements. We will update this article with all new redeem codes, So bookmark this page and visit us to get more redeem codes for save your time.

Additional Information

  • Title :  Luna Storia: RE
  • Genre : Role Playing
  • Publisher : Runewaker Entertainment
  • Download : Play Store & App Store

So, this is all about Luna Storia RE codes for Android and iOS and we have also explained how you will be able to redeem the codes. So, what are you waiting for? Use these code and enjoy the game.

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