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Gaming is the newfound love for many people from different age groups. They love indulging in video games available on various digital platforms. The popularity of disk-based games is decreasing gradually, and hardly a few people are still using them. Moreover, digital games have numerous benefits that physical disks fail to provide. One of the most significant advantages of digital games is that data miners can decode their secret keys. Therefore, these games are unlocked, and gamers can get free Xbox live codes.

Many video game enthusiasts search for ways to get free codes for Xbox. Therefore, they should go through this article thoroughly to learn about some legal methods to get genuine codes for free.

Free Xbox Live Codes Generator that work in 2021

Gamers are often in a dilemma whether they should use free Xbox live gold codes or not. However, they can opt for legal mediums that will help them get these codes effortlessly. Many people give away Xbox codes for free to their known ones. Similarly, many use code generators to create genuine codes for several video games. These two methods have certain advantages and disadvantages that are discussed below.

A free Xbox Live Codes Generator is software that performs a series of permutations and combinations to create Xbox codes. These codes look like the real ones, and gamers may accept without a doubt. However, they may fail to work on several instances, leaving the player disappointed. The following section will highlight the disadvantages of opting for an Xbox code generator:

Against the Law:

Xbox code generators are against the law, and a gamer’s account can be suspended for an indefinite time. Therefore, a player will land himself in bigger trouble if exposed to illegal Xbox live code generators.

Takes a Lot of Time:

Code miners offer a series of codes, and thus, a person has to enter all of them one by one to see which one works. This is a lengthy process, and one might lose interest in the game in this process.

Threats to Confidential Data:

Many people sign in with several websites to get free Xbox live codes. Therefore, the person has to share various confidential details such as name, email ID, phone number, etc., with the site. This can be a huge threat to his privacy since these websites are not completely trustworthy. It is advisable to avoid sharing personal data with unknown sites.

Fake Codes:

One can find thousands of websites on the internet, claiming they offer genuine and free Xbox live codes. However, hardly a few of them might be legal, and the rest are all fakes. These fake websites offer codes that look like a real one but will not work.

How to Get Xbox Live Codes for Free 2021

This is the most awaited portion of this post that readers desperately want to learn about. The following methods can help a gamer get free Xbox live codes legally. Therefore, people looking for these codes should go through these methods carefully to choose the most feasible one.

Free Gifts from Various portals


Nowadays, numerous platforms are trendy that enlighten audiences on various Xbox games. YouTube is one such platform that is the home for millions of influencers. They help gamers learn about different games available on digital platforms. Besides providing knowledge on Xbox games, these influencers also host giveaway contests. A person can participate in these contests and win free Xbox codes effortlessly.

These contests happen in several ways, and some can be even a lucky draw. However, one can stand a chance to win genuine codes that will work for sure. Moreover, this method is legitimate, and a person need not visit illegal sites in search of Xbox codes.

Search on Reddit


Reddit is a popular social news platform that has many small parts called subreddits. These subparts offer Xbox live gold to audiences for free. Therefore, a gamer can get genuine codes following a legal way through Reddit. These codes will never fail to work and help a person enjoy his favourite Xbox games. Moreover, a person just needs to join the Reddit community to get these codes for a lifetime.

This site has many moderators who guide visitors perfectly in deriving free codes. An individual needs to enter the code ‘r/freexboxcodes’ in the search bar of this website. This search box will return relevant results within a second, and the moderators will assist henceforth in applying them.

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Avail of the Sales offered by Game Stores

Many game stores offer lucrative sales on various popular games. These offers are available within a short time from the release of the game. A gamer should be alert regarding the commencement of these sales and grab the best deals at the earliest. Numerous viral games are available for free in these sales, and they are Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warzone, and the list continues. Gamers should not miss out on this opportunity to get genuine codes. Moreover, these sales are legal and far better than a free Xbox Live Codes Generator.

How to Enter the Free Code in the Xbox Live Store?

The following steps will help a beginner enter the Free Xbox code in the live store:

Step 1: The gamer needs to log into his Microsoft account at first.

Log in with the Microsoft account

Step 2: Next, he should visit the official store of Microsoft.

Step 3: Then he will have to select the option of using an Xbox code

Step 4: Finally, he will have to write the code which is 25-characters long and press the enter key.

Bottom Lime

People often fail with Xbox live code generators as they have fewer chances of producing genuine codes. However, the legal ways mentioned above can help a person get real codes that will surely work. Therefore, people in search of Xbox codes should not waste time and participate in giveaway contests or join the Reddit community. Besides, waiting for sales in stores can also prove beneficial in obtaining free Xbox codes. 

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