Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes

Evil Hunter Tycoon by Super Planet seems to be a micro-management simulation for both Android and iOS devices where you control the shooters, village, and commodities. As you advance through all the missions, there seems to be a huge amount of information to discover. You’ve come to the right spot if you’ve just begun enjoying Evil Hunter Tycoon. The fundamentals of the play, which you must grasp as a novice, are covered through this game’s overview and flowchart. Additionally, we included plenty of Evil Hunter Tycoon hacks, tips, and strategies that you might enjoy.


This game has eight different obstacles settings, including easy, moderate, hard, professional, agony, and so forth. You could only play these games in normal mode at first, but if you complete certain objectives, such as having enough hunters resurrected, you would be allowed to choose from a variety of game difficulties. To change the complexity level, click the skull icon on the top side. In terms of plot, your objective is to construct the entire necessary infrastructure and strengthen the shooters so they can take down tough enemies during dungeon raids.

  • The primary players in the league are shooters, who engage in combat with foes, deliver commodities to the settlement, and trade them with you at the trading company.
  • They constantly crush the supplies and gather random materials from wicked creatures. By clicking on them, you can begin a discussion with them and have a variety of alternatives presented to you, such as exchanging goods, relocating them to a different area, studying technology, acquiring talents, etc.

Tips for play Evil Hunter Tycoon

Utilize the hunter’s option to keep a close eye on every shooter you have had in the region. You may view all the hunters’ information, including their HP, starvation amount, emotion, and endurance, by tapping the hunter’s settings icon in the bottom center of the screen. The dialogue with the shooter would begin when you click the direction icon on the shooter’s button.

  • HP of the Poacher: If the archer’s HP is poor, select “cure” from the usual chat choice by tapping it. It will direct the shooter to the hospital, where he or she might purchase a plaster and treat them.
  • Select a standard response from the discussion involving hunger or satisfaction, and then decide whether to eat. A starving warrior would not be productive.
  • Pick a good fun alternative to lift your spirits by selecting the personality choice from the usual chat. Create a town, for instance, to improve the atmosphere.
  • Let the archer rest and regain endurance in the lodging. Create the Lodging space.

The shooters are armed with tools or war materials. For the coins, users may trade them for various weapons and armor. The attributes they receive when using a weapon increase by its grade. This is also one of the finest initiatives to enhance them. The 5 weapon grades are SS, S, A, B, and C. The smith workshop is where you, as such a player, may make the weaponry. Like the league’s complexity levels raise—easy, moderate, tough, torture, and so forth—you will get stunning contemporary equipment. It should be noted that shooters do not always carry their weapons. They must be sold. This game will be the favorite play for adventure lovers.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Coupon Codes October 2022

Follow this article to find out the latest codes of Evil Hunter Tycoon, how to redeem them and How to get free gems, chests, coins, and other exclusive items in-game rewards. The game developers provides a new redeem code on the special events, game promotion and festivals. So, players need to redeem them for enhance the game experience. There are many coupon codes available at this time, and we’ll add them to this list once there’re new redeem code is available.

Active Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes

Here is the list of all the working codes that you can use to get free rewards in the game:

  • SHAOTAMIN – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • UN1VERSE – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • FAVNEWCLASS – Redeem this gift code for Special Glyph Fragment x5

Expired Codes

  • LETSPLAYSP – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • MGWARCHAL – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • CHESTBD – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • HELLOJUNE – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • SMSDANMACHI – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • ADGEMSGIFT – Redeem this gift code for Gems x200
  • DungeonGods – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • ZIOKOREA – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • PUBLIBDAY – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • ZIO100DAYS – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • WANDERING03 – Redeem this gift code for Gems x200
  • PREMIUMEHT – Redeem this gift code for exclusive rewards
  • APRILSOON – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • MARCHEHT – Redeem this gift code for Shiny Coins x10
  • EHTHAPPY2YRS – Redeem this gift code for Gems x300
  • HOTSUMMEREHT – Redeem this gift code for Shiny Coin x10
  • EHT2NDANNI – Redeem this gift code for Spring Dress Costume x1
  • GOLDCHEST – Redeem this gift code for Town Chief’s Treasure Chest x2
  • URIELEHT2Y** – Redeem this gift code for Town Chief’s Treasure Chest x2

Evil Hunter Tycoon codes are only valid for a limited period. Players need to use these coupon codes before they get expired. We will always track new codes on a daily basis. So, we will recommend you to visit this page frequently to see what code has been added in this list.

In order to get free rewards without errors, please do not enter the code in mistakenly, As you must exactly type out like it’s written above. Unless you won’t get the mentioned rewards, So you’ve to be very careful when type the code in-game.

How to Redeem Evil Hunter Tycoon Codes

  • you will have to visit the official website: http://gift.supermembers.net/coupon/
  • Now, you need to copy the code and then, you will have to paste the code in the “Please enter the coupon code” section
  • Then, click on the “Register Coupon” button
  • Now, you will have to paste the game nickname in the box of “Type your Nickname” on that website
  • Finally, click on the “Register” button to get your rewards.

How to get Evil Hunter Tycoon coupon codes?

To get more codes, You can join the game’s official Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit. You can also follow the official Discord server to receive new updates and upcoming patches. We will be updating this wiki with all new codes once they are released. so make sure to check back often for the latest promo codes.

Game Info

  • Title : Evil Hunter Tycoon
  • Genre : Simulation
  • Publisher : Super Planet
  • Download : Play Store or App Store

As of now, we have explained the important things about the Evil Hunter Tycoon codes. So, why are you still waiting? Use these redeem codes and make your gameplay more interesting.

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