Cookie Run OvenBreak Codes

Searching for Cookie Run OvenBreak Codes 2022? then you are in the right place! In this post, we have shared the working codes that you can get exciting rewards in the game.

Here you will find a list of all the currently active coupon codes for Cookie Run OvenBreak. We will keep updated with the new codes. When they are released. as the codes would help you to redeem for gems, stamina, crystals and more in-game items.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Codes – May 2022

Follow this article to find out how to redeem Cookie Run OvenBreak codes that can be exchanged for exciting rewards in-game items. Moreover, Players need to use these as soon as possible, because these codes are valid for a limited time only. So they will not stay alive for a long time. So let’s go ahead the article and find out all the redeemable codes for the month of March. As you can simply copy and paste from the Cookie Run OvenBreak.

Cookie Run OvenBreak Codes List

We are provided the latest working codes wiki below. These codes are active right now, so start the game and redeem as early as you can. However, Before you redeem items with these below-given codes, do note that they are case sensitive, so you have to exactly type out like it’s written below. Unless you won’t get the mentioned item, so be careful when you type the code in Disgaea RPG.

All new Cookie Run OvenBreak coupon codes are:

Cookie Run OvenBreak CodeRewards
Redeem this code for 500 Crystals
021PLAYSTAYSAFERedeem code for 300 Rainbow Cubes
AMAZINGKIWICOOK2Redeem this code for 10 Crystals
BEWAREOFDARKNESSRedeem code for 300 Rainbow Cubes
CKIERUNTVSCOUPONRedeem code for 300 Rainbow Cubes
COOKIEFOOLSDAYS2Redeem this code for 401 Crystals
COOKIERUNNTVLOVERedeem this code for 1000 Crystals
ENJOYYOURWEEKENDRedeem this code for 1004 Crystals
FIRSTCOOKIERUNTVRedeem this code for 1000 Crystals
GRANDMASTERHOTELRedeem code for 300 Rainbow Cubes
HIFOLLOWERSLOVEURedeem this code for 2000 Crystals
INSTACUBESFORYOURedeem code for700 Rainbow Cubes
JUSTLEAVEMEALONERedeem this code for 500 Crystals
LETSWATCHTHESHOWRedeem code for 300 Rainbow Cubes
NEWYEARSMATTSHEARedeem this code for 400 crystals & 400 Rainbow Cubes
SUNBACOOKIERUN24Redeem this code for 300 Crystals
SUNBACOOKIERUN24Redeem this code for 300 Crystals
SWAMPS2COOKIERUNRedeem this code for 1000 Crystals
WEREWOLFWANGWANGRedeem this code for 300 Crystals

How to Redeem Codes in Cookie Run: OvenBreak ?

  • First, Open the game on your device.
  • Click on the Settings button.
  • Scroll down below and have a look at “Enter Coupon Code”, button. Tap on it
  • New pop up window will open.
  • Players have to enter code from our list in the ‘redemption box‘
  • Then click on the “Claim Reward” button, the code will be redeemed in-game.

Where to find the new codes for Cookie Run OvenBreak?

You can get more codes as they are released on the game’s official social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or You can also join the Discord server. Where the developers publish about the latest updates and announcements. we will update this codes list with all the new redemption codes. So, bookmark this page and check back for all available new codes.

We hope that this article helps you to get some reward points in the game. You can type new codes in the comment section, If the code will be usable then we sure would add the code in Cookie Run OvenBreak codes wiki list. You can also ask your questions and queries in the comment section below.


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