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Mobile gamers who love to play mobile shooting games must have heard about Call of Duty: Mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile is a well-developed and the best shooting game made for mobile phones. Call of Duty: Mobile was launched on 30TH October 2019, and in a month, the Call of Duty: Mobile was downloaded by more than 148 million people.

Also, after Call of Duty: Mobile was launched, in a month, the game successfully earned $54 million in revenue, and due to this, Call of Duty: Mobile became the largest mobile game launched in history. Call of Duty: Mobile is a free-to-play game; players don’t have to purchase the game, but, in the game, there are in-app purchases.

Players will find many different types of characters, special weapons, and quite good maps in Call of Duty: Mobile. If you are one who has played older Call of Duty games, you’ll know that multiplayer mode is the core of the Call of Duty games. So just like this, multiplayer mode is also the core of Call of Duty: Mobile.

There are many more amazing things that Call of Duty lovers will find in Call of Duty: Mobile. But what about those players who haven’t played any Call of Duty game? How’ll these players will play Call of Duty: Mobile? Do not worry, because today’s article is only for those players who don’t know anything about Call of Duty.

Today in this article, you people will get to know everything about Call of Duty: Mobile. Through this article, people will get a Call of Duty: Mobile full guide. So, stay still and read this article till the end because you are going to get lots of knowledge.

How to Download Call of Duty: Mobile?

If you don’t know how to download Call of Duty: Mobile for your mobile phones, there is nothing to worry about as it is very simple to download Call of Duty: Mobile. To download Call of Duty: Mobile on mobile phones, all you must do is:

If you use an android phone, you have to visit Google Play Store on your android phone. Now, in Google Play Store, you have to click on the search bar in which you have to type and search “Call of Duty: Mobile.”

You’ll see Call of Duty: Mobile when the search gets done. Click on it Call of Duty: Mobile, and you will see an install option. Click on that install option, and Call of Duty: Mobile will start downloading. Wait for a few minutes, and the game will get downloaded.

If you use an iOS phone, you have to visit Apple Store on your android phone. Now, on the Apple Store, go to the search bar and type in “Call of Duty: Mobile.” However, the icon differs from the Android version; it looks for the same soldier in a different position, surrounded by yellow, with two characters behind him.

It’s as simple as that! Because Call of Duty Mobile is 1.5GB in size, make sure you have enough space on your smartphone before downloading it.

What are the perfect settings for Call of Duty: Mobile?

The first thing you will do when you’ll open Call of Duty: Mobile is that you will go to the settings menu and will set settings according to yourself. There’s a lot to explore in Call of Duty Mobile, which is trying the best first-person shooter experience on mobile devices.

Best Settings for Call of Duty: Mobile

From the settings section, you can choose how your character handles each weapon by default, such as hip-fire for shotguns and aiming down the sights for assault rifles, and you can even have it fire automatically whenever you’re aiming at an adversary. Spend some time honing your skills so you’re fully prepared when you enter a match.

In the settings section, you will also find the graphics option. From the graphics option, you set game graphics and video quality according to the mobile phone’s compatibility. Setting the game’s graphics and video quality according to the mobile phone’s compatibility will make the game run faster without any frame drop.

What are some of the best guns of Call of Duty: Mobile?

In Call of Duty: Mobile, the player will get to see and use large numbers of guns and many other weapons. As there are large numbers of guns available in the game, there are only a few best guns that work perfectly in all ways.

call of duty mobile guns

From below, players will get a list from which they will get to know about some of the best guns of Call of Duty: Mobile through which players will be able to pick a perfect gun for the battle:

  • AK47: The AK47, is the most modern and amazing gun of all time. Players will get to use AK47 when they’ll reach level 23 in Call of Duty: Mobile.
  • AKS-74U:The AKS-74U is the part of AK family. Players will notice a high rate of fire and amazing spraying when they’ll use the best lethal submachine gun, AKS-47U.
  • M21 EBR: Without any doubt, players can pick M21 EBR and can go for the battle. M21 EBR is a semi-automatic gun that fires bullets much faster than a player can think.
  • BK57:Here comes another best assault refile of Call of Duty: Mobile, the BK57. The BK57 higher rate of fire but still Players can easily control BK57.
  • Striker: If the player wants to use a shotgun, the Striker will be the best pick as it is a semi-automatic gun and can discharge many bullets quickly. It can one-shot kill players up close, and despite being a shotgun, using it at the range will not disappoint you.

What tips and tricks players can use in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Below, there are some tips and tricks mentioned that players can use to play Call of Duty: Mobile in a quite good way.

Setting the right graphics will help the player to perform nicely

Many players out there have phones that allow Ultra HD graphics but only render a low FPS, thus it is recommended that they alter the graphic settings in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Keep the graphics on HD or medium because your phone will be able to render all the frames and provide the player with a seamless experience if the player does so. Players should maintain FPS over playing at a higher graphic setting.

Always use drones in Multiplayer Mode

When the player’s character has a continuous streak of killing adversaries, the player will be granted a UAV, Drone, and missile. When playing in multiplayer mode, the player must use the weapons at the appropriate time.

The missile will offer the player control over a screen, and he or she will be able to guide the missile against the player’s foes. All adversaries within the blast radius will be killed by the missile.

Use the helicopter only when there is a need

In Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale mode, players can pilot a helicopter but, it is recommended that players only fly the helicopter in solo mode and not in squads.

The player should learn the use of various throwable weapons

Apart from the typical smoke, frag, and stun grenades, Call of Duty offers a vast range of throwable weapons that players can use in battle.

Players should use boosts in the Multiplayer mode to get special abilities

As the player progresses in Multiplayer mode, the player’s character will receive bonuses. The first boost allows the player to obtain a magazine full of ammo from the body of their opponent. This allows the player to keep his or her weapon throughout the match; otherwise, the player would have to switch to an enemy’s weapon.

Final words

Call of Duty: Mobile is quite amazing shooting game that any type of game can play. Knowing more about Call of Duty: Mobile will help the player to play the game more nicely and easily so that is why today in this article, I have given the full guide of Call of Duty: Mobile. I hope this article will help players to play Call of Duty: Mobile in an amazing way.

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