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Warframe: How to Get Harrow Guide (2022)

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Busy schedule of daily life is making our lives quite complicated. Living in the 21st century, it has become really impossible to freshen our minds. Just because of this, people are losing the joy of life.

Well, if you glimpse at the gamers, you can find out that they don’t get tired instead of having lots of pressure of works. Because game brings kind of refreshment in them. Again if they get Harrow to complete the mission of the game, it becomes more interesting. Yes, it’s really true.

Harrow is really a fascination to each player. But it is not at all easy to get Harrow of your own. If you are a beginner, then it is really tough to get it. But once you gather experience, you can have this without any complications.

However, now this article will share with you some easy tricks that will definitely help you to get your own Harrow by farming. So, without wasting much time, let’s start reading the following text.

Way to Get Harrow’s Blueprint

  • Well, you can get Harrow by purchasing the blueprint. But it is not possible for all as it is costly enough. Before this, you need to play the Chains of Harrow quest. Once you start playing and fin finish it, you will be rewarded with the primary blueprint along with lots of adventure.
  • While you get the components, you need to prepare yourself to play different missions.

Harrow System Blueprint

The most important and essential component of Harrow is the Harrow system. So, let’s know everything about how you can farm the harrow system blueprint.

  • From the Defection mission, you can get the Harrow system blueprint easily.
  • Apart from this, the exact locations of the Harrow System blueprint, from where you can easily find it, are Caracol on Saturn – Rotation C (11.28%); Yursa on Neptune – Rotation C (11.28%); andMemphis on Phobos Rotation C (7.52%).

Harrow Chassis

You can get the Harrow Chassis simply void fissure mission, but before this, you have to kill the enemies. Without this, you can’t get the required blueprint.

Harrow Neuroptics

While it is about the Harrow Neuroptics, just look at the Grineer Fortress Spy. Here, the chances of dropping Harrow’s blueprint are about 11.28%.

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Way to Craft Resources

Crafting the resources is the most important thing. After getting all the required components or blueprint, you need to use these properly. Well, you can get the blueprint from the chains of Harrow. Now you have to craft all resources properly to farm the Harrow.

Well, before this, you should concentrate on the resources that are really required for farming. Keep in mind that you can’t lose these. So, prepare yourself before you are going to farm the Harrow. You can take some time to decide or can make your own blueprint of how you will use all the resources.

  • For the Harrow Neuroptics, you need 15000x credits, 5x Neural Sensors, 4000x Polymer Bundles, 1500x Rubedo, 2000x Plastids.
  • When it comes to crafting Harrow System, you will need Harrow Chassis, 25000x Ferrite, 2500x circuit, 1000x Cryotic, 15x control module, 15000x credits, 20000x Alloy, 25000x Salvage and 800x oxium.

Each of these components has a 12 hour-build time. So, you should have a careful mindset. To use all these resources, you have to utilize the time. Once these are constructed, they become usable, and by merging these, you can use them with the main Harrow blueprint to create the Warframe. Another important thing is Harrow provides a three-day build time. So, you must not forget this.

Once you finish the construction, you can embellish Harrow as you want and can let it level up or can start experimenting with what you actually want. But before all these, you need to be aware of the actual location where you will farm the resources.

Exact Locations to Farm the Resources

Well, there are plenty of planets where you can use the resources to farm the Harrow. But you can’t farm all components on one planet. Again, every resource is found on different planets, so you have to be prepared so that you can get all the required components at the exact time.

More or less common locations of the component Alloy Plate areJupiter, Ceres, Sedna, Pluto, and Phobos. Again, the locations of the Polymer bundle are Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. The required locations for the Ferrite are Mercury, Earth, Neptune, Orokin Void. The exact locations for Salvage are Mars, Jupiter, and Sedna.

So, now you have got the knowledge of the exact locations from where you can find all your required components. Keep all these in your mind otherwise, you can face lots of obstacles in farming the Harrow.

Another important thing is, many Warframes are there. To get through different missions, these will be really helpful for you. In fact, you can feel free to use all these in each mission. If you want to get specific abilities, use the Nova, Mesa, and the Volt Warframe. These will definitely provide you specific abilities of fast sprint speed, ability strength, and ability efficiency as well.

Again, Loki Warframe is widely famous for its invisibility mod. If you need, you can use this without any hesitation. However, it is not at all necessary to use these in your missions. It seems that you will not face such a strong target to use these strong Warframes. While you need, choose potent weapons so that you can complete your target successfully.


As of now, you have got a concrete idea about Harrow. Well, Harrow is really a deadly Warframe. That is why it is quite challenging to get your own Harrow. Farming all the components is not at all easy work. But once you make it, it will definitely give you a soothing experience. It is one of the Warframes that supports his team efficiently and is completely able to carry himself against any enemy. It is really an offensive support Warframe that provides a great experience for any solo or squad players. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing this game now.

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