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Things You Need To Know About Among Us

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Among Us is one of the most popular games available on various platforms such as PC, iOS and Android. Over the course of time, we have got different types of games on our mobiles. Some of them did not win the heart of the gamers whereas some achieved huge popularity and people played those games for years. Anyway, if we talk about Among Us, it has been launched two years ago and since then, the game has got huge popularity. YouTube and Twitch streamers play a very important role in the process of popularizing this game. Well, if you are someone who has not yet tried the game, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to tell you some important things that are inextricably connected with Among Us.

Basic Overview Of Among Us

If you are into the dynamic and diverse ecosystem of gaming, you have probably realized that most gamers give preference to action-packed games paired with high-quality graphics. Well, Among Us does not have these characteristics and still, the popularity of this game is increasing day by day. It is a fact that if your game has a good story and proper characterization, it will definitely grab a sweet spot in the minds of the gamers.

The game starts with ten astronauts who look like a bean. They are also called crewmates. These astronauts will be working in different scenarios such as office building, planetary base and a spaceship. Each astronaut will be given a specific task. If they can accomplish their task, they will get the taste of victory. Till now, you are thinking that it is a very simple game. Well, this is not completely true. The interesting part is that, among those astronauts, three will be imposters. They will be trying to create obstacles, problems for the rest. Those imposters will try to stop them from winning.

Starting Among Us

Among Us is a popular game that comes up in different modes such as online mode and offline mode. Well, there is no option to play against the bots and therefore, if you want to improve your gameplay, you should stick to the online mode. From the main menu, you can easily get the ‘online mode’. After that you will have two options- you can either join a private game or host a game. If you are new to this game, you can simply tap on the ‘find game’. After that, you can join any random server. Earlier, we have already talked about the imposters. Now, after entering into the game, the red number that appeared at the top will tell you the number of imposters in the game. There are different types of the map available in the game in order to give the players a dynamic taste. Now, if you are new to this game, you can go with ‘The Skeld’.

Matchmaking Issue And Asymmetrical Multiplayer.

Well, Among Us is an online game that has gained huge popularity since its emergence in the market. As a result, you might experience a matchmaking issue. You might see a message about ‘matchmaking full’ while trying to join a room. It is an error message that will keep coming but, you will have to try again and again. As it is a multiplayer game, the players will be able to chat with other players. Well, it is not a simple multiplayer game, it is actually asymmetrical in nature. It means that you will not get equal teams. The members of your team can turn against your anytime. There will be two teams and after the countdown, you will be put in one of those teams. The interesting part is that you will have no option to choose a team. It happens randomly.

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Among Us- Control Your Character

Well, the controlling of the character in Among Us game is very simple. If we talk about PC, the gamers can easily control the character with a mouse. They will have to click on the spot where they want to go. However, there is a cog option that allows the users to use the main keyboard. We will suggest you to go with keyboard and mouse control. You will be able to dodge those imposters easily with this control. If we talk about other operating systems such as iOS and Android, there will be a touchscreen and so, you can easily control the characters.

Play As A Crewmate In Among Us

As a crewmate, you will have to complete the task to win the game. Some tasks will be complicated and you will have to follow the arrow to go to the next objective. There might be different types of tasks and over time, you will learn this. There will be imposters who will be faking those tasks. If you do not see any green bar on top, you will have to understand that this character is an imposter. The imposters are there to kill you and therefore, you should not be in the room with just one person. The crewmate becomes a ghost after getting killed. In such a case, you will still be able to finish the game. But, you will not have many options. Anyway, if you come to know about the imposter, you can hit the emergency button.

So, a crewmate will win in the following scenarios:

  • Crewmates will have to finish their tasks
  • Discover the imposters. After that, vote them out.
  • If the imposters quit the game, the crewmates will win

Play As An Imposter In Among Us

If you play as an imposter, you will get some extra skills. You will be visible only to other imposters. Moreover, your name will be in red colour. An imposter can do the following things:

  • Kill cremates. If they are in your range, you can hit the kill button. You will have to wait after killing one crewmate. There will be a countdown.
  • Duck crewmates into vents.
  • Close the doors by tapping on sabotage
  • Turn the communications and lights off. The imposters can also vandalize the reactor.

The imposters will win in the following scenarios:

  • Kill all the crewmates
  • Cremates leave the game
  • The emergency countdown goes to zero

Emergency Meeting

An emergency meeting occurs when an imposter or crewmate taps the emergency button. Well, if you find a body, you can still call for an emergency meeting. During the meeting, you will be able to talk with other players and explain the scenarios that you saw. There are some slang words associated with it. These are:

  • Vented- it means that someone used the vents
  • Safe- It means that the character is not the imposter
  • Suss- It means suspicious


As of now, you have got to know the important aspects inextricably associated with Among Us. So, what are you waiting for? Download this game today and enjoy it.

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