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Fall Guys Collaborates with Among Us

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Girls do like it when guys fall for them, don’t they? Fall Guys- the very name captures the eyes of girls. The colorful beans in the game capture their hearts. It is a fascinating game where you can see several colorful balls bumping against each other and grabbing each other. It has become the most favorite game of girls and especially school children and teenagers now. It is a clean entertainment with loads of fun!

The game was released on the 4th of October, and since then, it has sold more than two million copies. While everyone was putting their heart and soul into games like PUBG and Fortnite, which were all about guns, violence, firing, and battling, suddenly, a pack of colorful beans hitting against each other caught everyone’s attention. It was one of the most unexpected moments for the gaming field. Though unexpected, it became a delight.

This game, unlike the ones mentioned already, does not promote violence at any cost. The beans dashing against each other is a visual treat itself. The most significant thing about the success of the game is its simplicity. It does not come with a storyline, and the controls of this came are just too easy and comfortable. This game is best for those who want to relax. The different colored beans floating here and there on the screen soothes your eyes and makes you feel calm and relaxed amidst a hectic day.

A piece of delightful news about the game – the trailer of the 4th season of the game is out! The media launch of the game is waiting to happen on the 22nd of March. The season 4 version of the game is named Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock. It has got a fantastic theme that depicts the 80’s. The vintage look captures the attention of many youngsters now. The youth of today have a fascination for anything vintage. Hence a game’s trailer with the 80’s theme did stir up the curiosity and interest in the young minds. The trailer has new add-ons for the season like airlifts, bridges, etc. It also features a battery-type mini-game and a bean costume in the 80’s workout video theme.

The most enchanting information we got about the game was its collaboration with another trending game, Among Us. This game became an addiction to people of all age groups. Finding imposters in real life is an impossible task. However, finding impostors in gaming life was made possible by Among Us. From school children to older people, this game interested everyone. It is a multiplayer game. This game has opened many WhatsApp groups in teenagers’ phones more than any online classes for discussion. The cute idols in this game made their way into their fans, houses, and workplaces as key chains, bags, bottles, and more. This information emphasizes the amount of craze it brought in the gamers.

In the trailer of the fourth season of Fall Guys, you can see a bean dressed up in a spacesuit like the one in Among Us. There is also a line that says ‘Fall guy was ejected. One imposter remains’ that goes across the screen. Considering this, we can understand the collaboration of Fall Guys with Among Us. The trailer itself has elevated the fans to seventh heaven. Two games best for relaxation coming together is undoubtedly a bounteous treat for anyone who has a hectic day at work. It is not clear if players would use the ‘Among Us’ idols in the game. There is no news about the cost of the game either.

This collaboration is a treat for the fanatics of both games. It is like a movie with Spider-man and Ironman on the same screen. This way, it makes it easier to imagine the kind of excitement the fans of these games would feel. There is just a bit of information we could read into from the trailer. We only know the story as deep as the tip of an iceberg. We can assure you that it would be a wholesome package for all the gamers out there. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for further updates from them.

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