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Will Xbox Series X Have A New UI? Cost and Features

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Gamers familiar with the different generations of Xbox will admit that the Series X is undoubtedly the best. Moreover, Microsoft has loaded the new Xbox with a complete set of unique and exclusive games for 2021. The Xbox series X is not just a new gaming console, but it is a machine with an extensive collection of games.

1 Processing Power and Hardware 2 Xbox Series X New Interface

Technology-wise it is not that radical, but gamers will have plenty of experience and enjoyment. Read this article to know more about the exclusive UI of the Xbox Series X, along with the features and pricing.

After the Xbox series’ global launch, gamers can buy this console online or from retail stores. However, the stocks are minimal even after several months of its launch. People are waiting for months to buy one unit of the Xbox series X. Prices start at $499 in the United States and £ 449 in the United Kingdom. It is pretty much similar to PlayStation 5 in these markets.

Processing Power and Hardware

Xbox Series X comes packed with 12 teraflops of graphic processing power, whereas the PS 5 gets only 10 teraflops. Also, the Xbox gets one terabyte of SSD compared to 825 GB on the PS5.Modern games take up a lot of memory space, and gamers who prefer to maintain an extensive library will find the Xbox series X handy.

Now let’s talk about the design of the Xbox series X. The first noticeable factor is the size which is relatively smaller than a PC. The monolithic form factor is clean and unfussy in appearance. However, fitting the device into an entertainment unit will be a task unless placed on its side.

The device comes equipped with a quartet of soft pads to indicate the right face for lying sideways.  The Xbox Series X gets vents on the top and bottom for air circulation. Moreover, the new system runs very quietly. Microsoft has successfully managed to pack in powerful hardware in a compact form factor.

Gamers will find a host of port options on the back and sides of the Xbox Series X. However, the absence of an all-optical audio connection or HDMI port is likely to turn down individuals with a powerful audio system. The HDMI connection is still compatible with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Xbox Series X New Interface

Gamers who are familiar with the interfaces of previous generations of Xbox will not find significant changes. The current UI is similar to Xbox One and is a lot more comprehensive. It supports the transfer of data between drives and the calibration of audio kits and HDR displays.

Users can also remotely access the console and stream games using a local Wi-Fi network. People having Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription can also stream Xbox games to an Android device. Cross-platform syncing features double up the experience of gaming. The quick resume features are another notable item of the new UI. It will allow you to load multiple games at the same time.

Performance-wise the Xbox Series X makes a great first impression. The quality of the visuals on offer is at par with modern 4K televisions. Not to forget the wireless controller, which is the most comfortable one to use. The addition of a new share button for screenshots and recordings further adds to the experience.

The Xbox series X will indeed rule the gaming segment for quite sometime. Its UI, graphics, technology, game library, and performance make this console a perfect console for today’s gamers. For $499 excellent value proposition, although it lacks any new-gen technology or capabilities.

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