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Can't See Friends Summon Sign In Elden Ring – How to Fix

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If you’re experiencing a problem in Elden ring game, and we found the accurate information why can’t see friends summon sign in Elden ring the error message

Keep reading this article to know everything about the How to play with friends in Elden Ring.

It’s a great time to be alive for gamers out there, name it any platform. There are so many games that are launching continuously.

The game developers are targeting mostly multiplayer areas, as gamers are eager to connect with their friends and play with them at the same time. Just like many other famous titles, Elden Ring launched in 2022, and it has won the hearts of gamers out there. After a long time, a proper role-playing game has arrived on the market for RPG lovers.

The game was directed by Game of Thrones fame novelist George R. R. Martin, the storyline is just so good that it attaches the gamers to it and that’s the main reason the playtime of the game increase, as the interest of the player builds substantially. The game has launched on numerous gaming platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PC version.

The game has launched recently that’s why there are some bugs in the game that is to be found by users every other day. Most of the users Can’t See Friends Summon Sign in Elden Ring. This article is going to help you to fix the issue that many gamers are having right now. The issue remains after the new update of the Elden Ring game. We have constructed a step-by-step guide to fix this common issue in the Elden Ring.

Can’t See Friends Summon Sign in Elden Ring – Easy Fix

If your summon sign is not working or appearing then follow the below steps:

  • The Furlcalling Finger remedy is the first thing you would require is to fix the issue of the “Can’t See Friends Summon Sign”.
  • There are actually four ways you can get this Furlcalling Finger, either you can buy it from Merchant Kale for 1000 Runes or you can kill enemies like Bloody Finger Nerijus, Recusant Henricus, Anastasia Tarnished-Eater, Festering Fingerprint Vyke, Hosts of Fingers when invading, and more
  • The third way is to explore two castles known as Castle Morne and Stormveil Castle and look for this item there.
  • The last way is to actually craft it with the item called Erdleaft Flowers, and it takes 2 flowers to make that remedy.
  • Once, you get that remedy for yourself, you would easily see the summon signs on your screen. The gold-colored areas on the map are your allies and the red ones are your enemies.
  • Once you see that Summon sign, click on it to start the multiplayer gameplay for the Elden Ring.

How to play with friends in Elden Ring

If you have Furlcalling Finger remedy already and you Still Can’t See Friends Summon Sign in Elden Ring then you should just restart the game and try again. Sometimes, the game behaves in a weird way for many players, or it is just a server issue for your system. Are you new to the Elden ring game and don’t know How to Play with Friends & Summon up Them for Co-op Multiplayer then try this below guide:

  • Start the game on your system.
  • Open the game options menu.
  • Then go to the system and choose the tab Options.
  • You would see the option to change display players’ names to online IDs, enable that.
  • Now go back to the system tab, and open the multiplayer menu.
  • Add a particular password for multiplayer, and share that with your friends who want to team up with you.
  • You have to choose an exact region for your summoning sign and tell your friend to use the Tarnished’s Furled Finger Multiplayer item to create their summon sign as well.
  • Follow the same process in your system, and go to that region as well. When you see a summon sign click on that and enter the multiplayer password that you have shared with your friend. Ask your friend to follow the same process.

This is how you can fix the problem and add friends to play Elden Ring with the multiplayer mode and gain the glory by demolishing the enemy clans.

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