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Brawl Stars Season 12: Two additional characters and more revealed!

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There is a new Brawl Talk on the official Brawl Stars channel as the first 2022 update approaches. There will be a new Brawler, Eve, part of the Ruffs trio, a slew of new skins, two new game modes, and other improvements and changes. Please become a member of Brawl Tips and see it all for yourself!

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The Garden of Starr Park will be revealed in the new Bio Mutation-themed update and season. Starr Park’s beautiful flowers, plants, and animals result from this environment.

It’s going to be a good one, Brawl Stars fans! The two new Brawlers were revealed earlier today in the latest Brawl Talk. This season will also feature new skins, the Bot Drop game mode and new daily rewards, and many other changes.

Janet is the name of the upcoming Brawler that will be included in the premium version of Brawl Pass. Shooting projectiles out of a cone is the act of an “acrobatic performer” and a singer.

Her attack will have a unique pattern in the game. The cone gets smaller as the distance increases and grows more prominent as the distance decreases. As a result, she has a unique super: she can use a jetpack to fly for a short period while simultaneously releasing missiles on the ground below her.

Bonnie, Janet’s younger sister, is the second Brawler to be announced. Like previous characters, she’ll likely appear in the shop and random boxes in the middle of the season.

Her cannonball-shooting and cannonball-running forms have advantages and disadvantages, but she has a cannonball-shooting cannonball-running form.

She can transform into a different form and use a special attack that sends her flying, where she deals damage to those in her path and then lands somewhere else. It resembles Piper’s ultimate appearance.

Season 12 of Brawl Stars will feature two new characters

Those Brawlers have ties to Stu and appear with the Brawler in the same show. Byron, Lola, and Bonnie will receive new skins for the upcoming season to celebrate their launch. This season’s Brawl Pass and Shop will include new artwork for Janet Carl, Meg Spike Darryl, and Mr P Tara during the 12th season.

A brawl between two characters from Season 12 has been revealed so far. Dot Esports Screenshot courtesy of Supercell

A new game mode called Bolt Drop will be available for players to experiment with during the upcoming season. To find the most bolts scattered across the map, two teams of three players will compete in an arena. To obtain their bolts, players must first take out the bots. Within two minutes, the team with the most eight-bolt hauls wins.

Last Lines

Season 12 will bring a slew of brand-new features, including sprays that players can use on the ground, new gadgets and pins, revamping the gear, tweaks to the Power League, and new daily rewards.

Season 12 of Brawl Stars has yet to be officially announced, but the game’s countdown indicates that it will be released on April 31.

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