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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Wild Dogs Update – All You Need To Know

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The Season 4 update for Call of Duty: The development team is currently working on mobile. Wild Dogs is the name of the upcoming update, which will bring new weapons, maps, and other improvements. As part of the update, a sandstorm will be introduced into Battle Royale, posing its own set of obstacles to participants. At 5:30 a.m. on April 28, the new season will be available online.

Maps and game modes have been added to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4


The satellite map was later modified and was first used in Black Ops: Cold War before being utilised in other games. Where it was initially introduced. A helicopter, KH-9, crashes in the Angolan Central African Desert, piloted by an American. Satellite. One side of the map will be open, while the other will have caverns. There are numerous vantage points around the map, so players must be careful when traversing it.

Castles and fortresses in Kandor

This urban map, set in a residential area, was first shown in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in 2019. Because of the game’s multiple indoor locations, players may anticipate engaging in close-quarters fighting. Snipers will be drawn to the weapon’s multiple sightlines.

Ground War is a type of video game

Large maps like Satellite and Aniya Incursion will be used for the Ground War mode. For example, motorcycles, ATVs, Antelope, and tanks will be available in this mode. There will be six objectives for players to complete on the map. The winning team is the one that has the most points, which is 300 in this instance. A team must score all six of its points to win the game.

Sandstorms in Battle Royale

Sandstorms will be introduced to the Battle Royale map for the first time this season. You’ll see a sand wall appear on the horizon on some map parts. Thermal sights and high-tier loot are among the particular goods discovered by players that endure the sandstorms. Dust devils can knock players off their feet if they get too close, so these players must be careful. Throwable Turbulence Generators may also be found in the game, which can generate a stream of turbulent wind.

Added content for the fourth season of Call of Duty: Mobile

In addition to the new maps and game modes, players will be able to equip themselves with two new weapons. To begin with, there is the Koshka sniper rifle, and then there is the Contact Grenade. Also included will be Blueprints for weapons, Calling Cards for characters, and various other items such as charms and COD points.

New season challenges and a new seasonal event called Sandstorm’s Eye will be available for players to participate in.

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