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Riot Confirms New League of Legends World Championship Skins

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New champion skins honouring the reigning World Champions EDG have been introduced to the Legends of League PBE previews. These skins are given to each player’s character for the championship run. While these skins are currently only available on the PBE, many fans have been excitedly expecting the introduction of these new skins for their favorite League of Legends characters.

Five skins were designed with the help of each of the EDG players, as Riot has done for every team that has triumphed at Worlds. 

There is still no information on the in-game models for these skins, the official splash art for the EDG set after their victory last year. From left to right, Zoe, Graves, Viego, Yuumi, and Aphelios are all seen in the artwork below, wearing blue, black, and silver-colored cosmetics.

World Championship skins have been revealed on the PBE 👀 🏆 EDG Zoe 🏆 EDG Viego 🏆 EDG Graves 🏆 EDG Yuumi

🏆 EDG Aphelios pic.twitter.com/o8veuwiUPl

— League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) April 26, 2022

In terms of skins, this may be our first official glimpse following their announcement by the LoLEsports Twitter account. Still, if you’ve paid attention to some of the League leaks and debates on social media this week, we’ve already seen many of them. People who found and reshared the splash image online claim it originated in Chinese forums, which explains why it was widely circulated before its official release. People were unsure if this was the real deal because EDG’s jerseys are primarily red and black, but it appears to be. Some have speculated that the official skins’ use of these colors may be related to the LPL nickname EDG.

Users may anticipate being able to purchase these skins shortly, whatever the rationale for the color scheme. They’ll initially be added to the game’s PBE servers for testing, so players can see how they look and how their abilities’ animations and aesthetics have been tweaked. Some form of the bundle for dedicated EDG fans and well-rounded players that desire all the skins is expected, but individual purchases are also expected.

Every year, League of Legends World Championship skins are some of the most exciting items offered because each player’s interpretation of the character is unique. For example, Yuumi’s skin is based on Meiko’sfavorite cat, while Scout’s four World Championship appearances before he ultimately won are represented by Zoe chasing the gem four times before catching it in her recall. Each player can choose how they want to be remembered in the game. In League of Legends’ favor, the PBE release means players won’t have to wait long to get their hands on it.

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