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Top 6 Upcoming Android Games In 2021

by admin

The smartphone world is booming every day. Playstore adds an average of 10-15 games per day. So tracing the record of new Android games can be a little hard for you. Many game companies work together to develop games that will keep you happy in the era of smartphone gaming.

In recent times, Android games are getting more popular. This may be due to growing smartphone technology.

Thus, there are numerous Indie game developers and large companies who constantly develop Android games. In each category, there are too many games in the play store.

So in this article, I am going to give you information about the top 7 upcoming games for android in the year 2021.

Pokémon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle strategy game that is free-to-play. It’s a formatted five-player game that requires a limit of five players to play on both sides. The game map is huge, and when beating the other 5 players using Pokemon, players have to capture Pokemon in the game.

With low-level Pokemon, players start the game and can improve its level over time and gain access to fresh fighting moves as it wins in fights. By beating wild Pokemon and going into some of the control points to score objectives, players have to score points for their side.

Project Odin

Project Odin was first announced by Lionheart, a newly established company based in South Korea, in October of last year. The maiden game in the studios, and also quite an ambitious one, Project Odin has been proclaimed to be the “first mobile play that uses 3D scanning and movement capture for realistic and immersive playing.

Originally scheduled for start in South Korea this year, the game looks like an “ultra-realistic” AAA console game, even though it’s an MMORPG for mobile devices.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a reality augmented RPG game set in a world of books and games telling the story of Geralt de Rivia’s adventures.

The role of the self-created witcher will be playable by players.

Game not only encounter deadly monsters on their journeys in randomly chosen locations but also salesmen and NPCs, thanks to whom they can explore more chapters in the feature campaign.

Just Cause Mobile

The game looks like most mobile isometric shooters, that is. Xenowerk. – Xenowerk. Motion is at the left side of the screen and, firing and using things like explosives is achieved on the right side. The maps contain disruptive and explosive artifacts that allow us in hostile bases to generate confusion and chaos.

Devil October Cry Mobile

CAPCOM’s popular gaming series, Devil October Cry, is all set to make it to mobile phones by 2020. Although licensed by CAPCOM, Yun Chang Games is the developer of the title. The game already has a name, namely, The Battle of the Top, according to sources.

This fan-favorite game inherits the variations of original DMC’s independence and versatility, both skills, and technique, stunning and unrestrained combat style, set for a long time for a 2020 release date.

The game also restores the classic characters, environments, weapons, and bosses to the fullest degree, in order to retain the cohesive world view of the original series.

H1Z1 Mobile

A Battle Royale game like PUBG and Fortnite, where players can jump out of an aircraft with up to 150 other players, find weapons, ammunition, and take enemies down. The last one to stand is triumphant.

You can play solo or team up with your friends in groups of four, like most games of its kind. NantWorks has joined Daybreak Games to offer this game across mobile devices with a PC version and PS4 version already available.

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