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Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Latest Guide 2020

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This article is going to include all the tips & tricks and minor details about escape from tarkov woods map so the new players of the game get to know all about it and enjoy the overall gaming experience of the game. If you don’t know already then I might tell you that Escape from Tarkov players already hates the Woods map as it is very big and complex. That’s where this article would help them to achieve greatness on the map, as they are going to learn all about the escape from tarkov woods map.

Escape From Tarkov: Woods Map Guide

The main reason behind all the hating is probably the unknowing nature of the woods map in escape from the tarkov game. Most of the time, players become impatient as the map requires them to be good at long-range sniping and the problem is there is no perfect place to take cover. It’s pretty hard to fight when you have no single place to take cover, it’s either you are winning or dying in the frame. We have also added the screenshots of the map, so you would get a better knowledge of all the areas in the woods map. Before you do that, keep in mind there are three main things in this woods map:

  • Extraction Points
  • Scav Snipers
  • Boss Location

Recently the game developers have updated the woods map, so if you haven’t updated with the new map then your survival chances are pretty low than before for sure. Don’t worry, as we have listed all the necessary things that you should know about the woods map in escape from tarkov. Let’s start with the extraction points on the map so you can get out from it whenever you wish to.

  • There are exactly 16 extraction points where players can get out from it.
  • All the points are exactly located at the edges of the map, no matter which region are you in currently.
  • We have divided all the extraction points into 4 parts such as North West, South West, East End, West End.
  • Starting with the northwest, players would find four extraction points from this area. They are known as Factory Gate, UN Roadblock, Rauf Roadblock, and Old Station. All the extractions are attached to roads but these are pretty far from each other.
  • Sometimes if you feel lost in the map of woods, then you should try to major locations to help you to reach the nearest extraction points.
  • Coming to the Southwest of woods map in escape from tarkov, it is a little difficult to find extraction point in this, as they don’t have famous landmarks around. That’s why players have to examine maps more than one time to get the locations right. The extraction points are West Border, Cliff Descent, ZB-016, South V-Ex. Remember, the skull icon describes the spawn point of the bass that’s why the south region of the new woods map is considered harder than the other three map areas.
  • If you are in the East end then I have bad news for you as this area has only 2 extractions points. So, the survival rate of this area is less than the other 3 areas. The extraction points are known as ZB-014 and East Gate.
  • The last area is known as the West end and it has 5 extraction points, so leaving this area is piece of cake for anyone. These extraction points are known as the Boat, Dead Mans Place, Outskirts Water, Outskirts, and Scav House.

Woods Map Sniper Locations: Escape From Tarkov

  • Coming to the location of snipers, players would normally find near the Cliff Descent. After dealing with the boss either you can go to South V-Ex Extraction point or Cliff Descent. So, players have to keep alert while moving after finishing the boss.
  • Also, players can normally equip SVDS 7.62 X 53 Sniper Rifle In Loots, you can also find an auto rifle from it. While the extraction points are limited to 16, the new map of woods map escape from tarkov is hard to remember and control.

Woods Map Boss Locations: Escape From Tarkov

  • Mostly the boss would be in the center of the new woods map but we can’t give you the exact location of the boss, as it is mainly unknown.
  • Game developers have designed the game in that way so you can’t predict the location of the boss, as it is mainly remote. That’s why the game becomes more interesting with these unpredictable features. As added in the article earlier, don’t forget the skull icon describes the spawn location of the boss.

Best Tips To Survive In Woods Map: Escape From Tarkov

  • The best tip we found is to stick yourself to the wall. It seems dumb but the logic behind this tip is perfect to the set of the map. As most of the players are running in the middle area, but the problem with that enemies can shoot them from any direction. So, it’s recommended to stick towards a wall, as you can easily block the left side from this tip.
  • Players can take inventory items from nearby houses when exploring the woods map. Players can find mills on this map, and beware because it is also one of the most dangerous areas to explore.
  • If your player respawns near the outskirts then assume directly that someone is hunting you, and you are probably dead in few minutes if you haven’t set yourselves in the game. Save yourselves from Shturman (Scav Boss), which is commonly found near Scav Huts or Log Camps. He also has a stash with him alongside two raiders securing him. You can unlock items with the key you would find on his body after killing him.

We have almost covered all the items regarding the new woods map escape from tarkov. So try these tips out whenever you spawn in the wood map next time. Tell us in the comment section if you have more info about the escape from tarkov woods map, so we can update our list of tips and tricks.

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