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Gods Will Fall Game Review – An Unwinnable Boss Fights

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Are you looking for an action-packed strategic game? Then, Gods Will Fall will be an ideal game for you. It is basically a type of hack and slash game where the ecosystem is highly aggressive as well as confusing. Before getting into the confusing part, you must the important points inextricably connected with this game.

About Gods Will Fall

Gods will Fall is a very engaging game where the gamers will attempt to knock down the rule of cruel Gods. Clever Beans has developed this game whereas it is the Koch Media that published the game. The game is, no doubt, provides a challenging ambiance where the games can fight against the regime of relentless Gods. The games will get the combined taste of Hades and Dungeon Hunter.

Story Of The Game

The story of this game is very fascinating. Yes, the intensity of darkness has increased and therefore, the existence of humankind has become solemn and somber in the world of Gods. The cruel Gods are ruling humankind and the players will have to save this world from their cruelty. Well, the gamers will have to choose a game character and enter into the realm of the gods. The foremost objective of the gamers is to save mankind from the cruelty of God.

The development of the story is very interesting. Yes, it is basically an island where the game will start. There will be a map and the gamers will have to navigate their characters to find out the entrance. The gamers will have to select a character before entering the realm. Every character has come up with different types of weapons and fighting skills with a heavy focus on rogue and range fighting styles, and heavy-hitting. Different characters have different speeds and weights that will affect jumping, walking and dodging style. After selecting the character, it will be transported into the dominion of Gods.

Basic Overview Of The Game

Well, Gods Will Fall is completely a fighter-style game and therefore, the gamers will have to keep an eye on the health bar. The health of the warrior is called ‘Vigor’. It generally appears on the left part of your screen in red colour. The health bar will deplete whenever the warrior gets damage. Eventually, the warriors will be incapacitated. Anyway, there is another option that is called ‘Bloodlust’. The warriors will gain bloodlust whenever they attack those enemies that will come in their ways. The ‘Bloodlust’ will actually help to restore the level of ‘Vigor’ to a certain extent. There is a level called ‘Roar Power Threshold’ and if the ‘Bloodlust’ reaches this level, the warriors will be able to restore a huge amount of ‘Vigor’.

Struggle With Gods Will Fall

Well, every game comes up with positive and negative points. The Gods Will Fall is not an exception. When it comes to difficulty level, the players face problems. Different Gods have different types of powers and based on this, there are different difficulty levels. But, there is nothing that will indicate the difficulty level. The gamers do not know which dominion they should go first. They face problems due to the lack of information. Moreover, they will not be able to make proper strategies before playing the game and it hampers the overall gameplay.


Well, talking about the platforms, the Gods Will Fall is available on different platforms such as PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Players can also download the game from Steam and play it on Windows. In such a case, the gamers should have at least 7 GB of free space on the hard disk.

As of now, you have got to know the important things inextricably connected with the Gods Will Fall. So, why are you waiting? Go and grab this game today.

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