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The Best Pyromancer Builds in Dark Souls 3

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If you have a love for role-playing games, you must have played Dark Souls 3. This is a very popular game that is developed by FromSoftware. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. Anyway, here, we will not be talking about the game. What we are going to let you know is the best Pyromancer builds for Dark Souls 3. Talking about Pyromancer, it is a kind of magic that does fire damage. Apart from this, it also provides resistance to different types of damage. Anyway, the character should have enough Faith and Intelligence in order to use this spell.

Pyromancer has an inextricable connection with this game. It is one of the important classes of the game. Anyway, the player should have an adequate amount of knowledge regarding the ecosystem of the game and the mechanics. If you are new to this game, you will definitely struggle using this thing. We understand this very well and this is why we have come up with this guide that will let you know about the best Pyromancer builds for Dark Souls 3. We will also let you know how you can effectively use it and how you can turn the Pyromancer suitable for the game.

Pyromancer In Dark Souls 3

Pyromancer is a unique class in the game. Having a good knowledge about it is very important in order to survive in the game. Talking about this class, well, it consists of Pyromancy and this is why it deals a high amount of physical damage. Pyromancers are very powerful as well as unique. With the help of this, you can easily invade any character in the beginning. All these things really make this element more useful and it is a good option for you in PvP games. It will help you to survive in the game.

In the beginning, if you have access to Dark Souls 3, you will have many advantages. You can indulge your character in powerful melee attacks. You might be shocked to know that you can even attack using a strong Fireball and Hand Axe. You need to use Pyromancer in order to use these abilities. Initially, you will have a very weak shield. However, over the course of time, you will get options to upgrade it. Till then, it is obviously manageable as well as reasonable.

Talking about the basics, well, you will have to rely on other skill points in order to use this element. As you are using Pyromancer, you should have concrete knowledge about the skills you need for it. Faith and Intelligence do not have play any role on this point. However, you should also increase them as it will help you in other aspects. Anyway, if we talk about Pyromancer, you will have to focus on increasing Endurance and Vitality. They are some top upgrades that will definitely make your Pyromancy shine. Apart from upgrading these things, you will have to invest your skill points for upgrading Attunement, Dexterity, and Strength. It will certainly create a proper balance.

Best Pyromancer Builds

In this Dark Souls 3 Pyromancer Guide, we will let you know about the best Pyromancer builds. So, do not skip the below-mentioned points:

Full Pyromancer

This is something that you can build for Dark Souls 3. You will be full-on casting the spell and the best part about this Pyromancer is that it deal high damage and if we talk about the time that it takes to get prepared, it is very little. The Soul Level must be 125 and along with this, you should have Vigor at 30, Attunement at 40, Endurance at 28, Vitality at 8, Strength at 12, Dexterity at 9, Intelligence at 40, Faith at 40, and Luck at 7.

Melee Pyromancer

If you compare this Pyromancer with Full Pyromancer, you will find that it does not cause a high amount of fire damage. However, if you go with this build, you can use different types of Dex weapons. If you want recommendations from us, we will suggest you go for Curved Swords or Katanas. Apart from these, you can also go with Chaos Blade. Here, in this case, the soul level must be 125. Along with this, you will have to keep the Vigor at 35, Attunement at 20, Endurance at 30, Vitality at 8, Strength at 16, Dexterity at 40, Intelligence at 28, Faith at 30, and Luck at 7.

Classic Pyromancer

This is another efficient Pyromancer Build. Here, you can use Old King’s Great Hammer or Demon’s Greataxe. You should have the Soul Level at 125. Talking about the other aspect, you need Vigor at 35, Endurance at 35, Attunement at 20, Vitality at 18, Strength at 40, Dexterity at 9, Luck at 7, Faith at 25, and Intelligence at 25.

Mix Pyromancer

Witch’s Locks and Great Corvian Scythe always bring high damage. Well, if you want the same impact, you can go with this Pyromancer build. With the combination of weapons and spells, you can deal high damage. The Soul Level must be at 125 and along with this, you need Vigor at 30, Endurance at 25, Attunement at 30, Luck at 7, Faith at 40, Intelligence at 40, Dexterity at 18, Strength at 16, and Vitality at 8.

Short Range Pyromancy Spells

As we are talking about Dark Souls Pyromancer Build, we must cover the short-range Pyromancy spells. We have already some of them below. So, have a look at them:

Flame Whip

There are so many underrated spells and this is undoubtedly one of them. If you can fully utilize this Pyromancy spell, you can deal the highest amount of damage. There is no other spell that can give you such a result. Now, there is one negative aspect and this is why players do not use it often. Well, it can be easily dodged and so, it might not be effective in PVP game mode.

Fire Surge

It might not be on the list of your favourite spells. However, it is one of the best short-range Pyromancy spells. Talking about the damage, it is very low. If we talk about the casting time, it is also very short. If the opponent is in low health and you want to finish in just one shot, you can use this spell.

Dark Flame And Great Combustion

These are highly efficient short-range Pyromancy spells. You can easily create them and if you are going with Full Pyromancer build, these two spells will work in the most efficient manner.

Sacred Flame

The wind-up time of this spell is very high. Anyway, talking about the positive aspect, you can reduce a good amount of health of the opponent if it is properly used. This spell also comes up with in-built critical damage. This spell really makes the game more enjoyable.

Medium Range Pyromancy Spells

As of now, you have understood the short-range Pyromancy spells. Now, along with this, you should have concrete knowledge about the medium-range Pyromancy spells. We have added some of them below:

Fire Orb, Chaos Fire Orb, And Black Fire Orb

If you are looking for straightforward and classic pyromancies, you should go for these three spells. You will have to create a fireball and then, you need to throw at your enemy. This is how these spells work. If you want fire damage, you can go with the Fire Orb. If you are a fan of dark damage, you can use Black Fire Orb. Talking about the Chaos Fire Orb, it creates a lava pool and a high amount of fire damage.

Chaos Strom

Most critics are of the opinion that Dark Souls 3 is not as powerful as Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2. Well, this Chaos Strom is something that changes this concept. It is a powerful medium-range pyromancy spell. It basically creates lava pools and fire pillars around the pillars. If the enemies are hit by them, it will lead high amount of fire damage. This thing will also stun the character for a couple of seconds.

Long Range Pyromancy Spells

After highlighting the short-range and medium-range Pyromancy spells, we must talk about the Long Range Pyromancy Spells. We have added some of them below:

Floating Chaos

This is a very effective Pyromancy spell. It will basically create a medium-sized fireball and after that, it will shoot 3 fireballs that are smaller. Those balls deal fire damage.

Apart from it, you can also go for Black Serpent and Chaos Bed Vestiges.


By now, we have explained everything about the best Pyromancer Builds for Dark Souls 3. So, why are you still waiting? Use these Pyromancer builds when you will be playing Dark Souls 3. After playing for some time, you will understand which Pyromancer Build will be ideal for you.

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