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Apex Legends Mobile Wattson Guide – Tips and Tricks, Abilities, and more

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Octanes, Wraith, Bloodhound are furious legends in recent times. For a difference in change of pace, an Apex Legends Mobile Wattson is made. Wattson plays defensively and has abilities equipped towards fortifying and holding positions

This article is based on Apex Legends Mobile Wattson guide and the legend’s abilities and tips and tricks for using the character more efficiently.

Apex Legends Mobile Wattson Character

  • Apex Legends have many legends with many skills but in all these legends Wattson is a defense expert.
  • Wattson’s tactical ability can be used in damage.
  • She is designed around fortifying a position.
  • She neutralizes other legends’ abilities.
  • She buffs her allies with body shields which are regenerative.
  • For fighting inside the building she is a good choice.
  • She is a team player, therefore should be played with the team.
  • There is no attacking abilities by herself.
  • Since she is a selfless legend she does everything to protect her allies.

Wattson’s strengths and weakness


  • Wattson’s character is slow and she likes to take positions and defend them.
  • Her main strength is her fortifying position.
  • She locks down her position and keeps her team safe from the attackers.
  • She can regenerate her teammate’s shields and can also destroy the coming projectiles.
  • Due to her passive, she can re-fill her tactical abilities.
  • Legends Caustic and Bangalore have Tactical and Ultimate abilities which can be protected by her.
  • She can completely nullify the enemy’s ability.
  • She can use her electric fences to safeguard her position from the enemies and to know if someone is flanking.
  • When the fence is being set at Wattson’s flank, she will be able to know when enemies are coming.
  • When the enemies are coming the fences will damage the enemies and send her an alert or it will be destroyed.


  • When fighting 1v1 Wattson is a bad idea.
  • Since she has a long imagination time her abilities are at risk when using it.
  • She is slow in movement, healing, and escape abilities.
  • Her abilities are not suitable for being offensive.
  • Her Ultimate ability and her Tactical ability will not be efficient when your team decides to rush other teams.

How to unlock Wattson?

  • Apex Legends in season 2: Battle charge; Wattson was added.
  • To unlock her 12,000 Legend Tokens are needed which can be earned by leveling up and playing the game or 750 Apex coins are required which are the paid currency.
  • When 600 per level up are achieved the Legend Tokens can be earned.
  • New players will have to reach level 20 to unlock Wattson.
  • Wattson and other 15 legends can be purchased by buying Champion Edition of the game for $36.

Abilities of Wattson

There are three abilities of Wattson, which are:

  • Passive ability: Spark of Genius – Ultimate Accelerants instantly by charging her Ultimate due to her passive. When she stands near the interception Pylons her tactical recharge is being increased. In each inventory slot she can hold two Ultimate Accelerants. At the same time she can again generate the shield.
  • Tactical ability: Perimeter Security – By connecting the nodes she can create electrified fences. These fences will damage and slow down the enemies.
  • Ultimate ability: Interception Pylon – When she uses his ability she can place an electric field pylon on the ground which will destroy the enemies and damage the shields.

Tips and tricks for Wattson

  • In the same inventory slots she is able to reserve two accelerants.
  • Due to her passive ability, using her ultimate she can immediately get access to her ultimate.
  • When she blocks the doorway using her electric fence she can get to know when the enemies are passing a particular area.
  • Her electric fences can also be crisscrossed over the endpoint of zip lines or gravity cannons, when any enemy uses them will be destroyed.
  • When you use her tactical ability you can also connect the nodes which provide double damage to the passing enemies.
  • Using her passive shield regeneration you can also save a shield cell by leaving it to recharge when exploring.
  • Place the fences between wraith portals, zip lines, and doors, where the enemies need to pass forcefully.
  • When Wattson gets stuck in a small room with the enemy, she can occupy the room with electric tracks by placing her electric fences immediately.

How to play Wattson?

  • Using your abilities, use the best out of ultimate and tactical. In Apex Legends Mobile, Wattson is dependent on her abilities and she is not a fighting character. So use her abilities wisely.
  • When playing with Wattson placing her is important. Enemies will destroy both pylons and nodes easily. Therefore place her where there is no plain sight of her. Due to this reason she can shine inside the building.
  • She is not a god pick in a 1v1 fight. Therefore go with the team.

Best legend pairings with Wattson

  • Wattson will be a good pair for those who increase her strengths and complete her lack of offensive power.
  • For defense, Caustic and Rampart will pair better with Wattson. Caustic will use his gas traps to give more defensive situations. Rampart’s abilities from incoming explosives can be defended using Wattson’s Ultimate. The team will have offensive capabilities due to Caustic’s Ultimate ability. This is for hunkering down.
  • Legends with travel abilities like Octane and Pathfinder will pair well with Wattson. Using their Ultimate abilities they can move the whole squad to a particular position which Wattson can easily fortify.
  • Revenant is an offensive legend who will also go well with Wattson. The most important ability of Revenant is his Death Totem which will turn the squad into shadows who are at the back of the totem after damage. Wattson will use her electric fences and her pylon ability to defend the Totem from the enemies.

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