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PS5 Restock for March? Stock Updates, Where to Buy PlayStation 5 in March 2021

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The latest iteration of Sony’s PlayStation took the entire gaming community by storm right from its launch in November 2020. It continues to be in high demand, and buyers have a tough time procuring a single unit since its launch. Retailers in different parts of the world have reported that it is selling out instantly after being restocked.

1 Sony Received Huge Pre-Orders

Buyers across nations went crazy after the launch of the Playstation 5 console, and gamers scour online platforms hoping to purchase a single unit before it goes out of stock and the website crashes. Read this article to know all about the PS5 restock for 2021. Here you will find all the details regarding the high demands of PS5 and how Sony is dealing with it.

The demand for PS5 consoles is exceptionally high, and websites left with a few units are flooded with customers. The scenario is pretty much the same across the industry as giants like Walmart, Amazon, and Target are receiving small stocks of the console that are selling out instantly. Gamers and retailers still have no clue how the supply is being provided to the retail outlets. Besides, social media platforms are filled with rumors of new stocks coming in.

Sony Received Huge Pre-Orders

The demand for PS5 consoles was sky high even before the official launch. Sony received a huge pre-order months before the November launch. However, the pre-order process got messed up after the system went live without any notice. Also, some of the retailers took pre-orders before the official 17th October date. After the official US launch on the 12th of November, the situation became even more chaotic. Gamers that missed out on pre-orders were now competing to procure whatever stock was left at the retailer.

Both versions of the PlayStation 5 console were available online due to the pandemic. However, buyers were having a tough time as people started using bots and other technologies to buy consoles right when they became available. These units were then sold with a high premium.

Sony has not yet released the actual sales figure, but the launch of PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly the biggest console launch to date.

The company is trying hard to maintain the PS5 inventory for retailers all year round. Even online platforms ran out of stock soon after Christmas. According to statistics, Sony will have to exceed its ability to supply the PlayStation 5 console in the initial months of 2021.

According to reports, Sony will be offering more than 8.5 million shipments by March 2021. Gamers will find fresh batches of the PS5 console over the next few months.

PS5 Restock

Gamers are excited about the news of PS5 January stock that is due within a few days. The latest tweets by a PS5 stock tracker reveal that the third wave of the shipment for the 7th of January 2021. It is also so hard that new stocks will be hitting the stores by January 12 and 14. However, it must be noted that the PS5 release stock tracker only provides updates for the UK.

Popular retail outlets like Target are expected to receive new stocks of PS5 in the coming weeks. If the supplies reach the retailers by Tuesday, the gaming community will breathe a sigh of relief.

The unexpected high demand for PS5 consoles is still keeping some of the significant retail outlets out of stock. Buyers are continuously keeping their eyes on stock trackers on Twitter that provide their followers with instant updates of stocks. It shows that the console supply will continue to be scarce for the first few months of 2021. Sony will be having a tough time keeping with the demands of the Playstation 5 console across the globe.

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