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PlayStation 5: What Graphics will the PS5 have?

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Sony PS5 or PlayStation 5 is one of the most talked-about gaming consoles hitting the market very soon. The makers have been projecting the look and specifications of the console since the latter half of 2020. We have a rough idea about what games will be available on PS5. However, the best thing is that Sony has given us an overview of the graphics of this play station.

This post will give you details about everything you need to know about the graphics of PS5. We are here with accurate data to help you understand what to expect from this much-awaited gaming console.

Graphics Card used in Sony PlayStation 5

PS5 has fantastic graphics, thanks to the makers for integrating the customized version of RDNA 2 GPU from AMD. You can witness 10.28T teraflops computing power and 36 computer units in this console. The clock speed of the graphics processing unit or GPU is as high as 2.23 GHz. Sources say that PS5 will support ray tracing and native 4K games.

Therefore, we can sum up the GPU specifications of PS5 in a few lines as below:

  • Architecture: Customized RDNA 2 from AMD
  • Computer units: 36
  • Teraflops: 10.28T
  • GPU clock speed: 2.23 GHz

Graphics Performance of PS5

PS4 was designed with top-notch graphics that took away the breath of every gamer. However, PS5 is getting ready with some added features that will blow away everyone’s head. Sony has never failed to surprise its loyal customer base, but this time, the expectation of the latter is sky-high. Let’s see if the makers have managed to touch the expectations of gamers.

PS5 has highly efficient hardware components that give more power to its graphics. However, we are still in the dark to compare PS5 graphics with that of PS4 since the former is yet to launch. The trailers of some of its top games, such as Horizon Forbidden West, have compelled us to drop our jaws! We can give the final verdict once we get a closer look at the games in the latest PlayStation.

Comparing PS5 Graphics with PS4 Graphics

Standard PS4 and PS 4 Pro have 1.8 and 4.2 teraflops of computing power. On the other hand, Sony has designed PlayStation 5 with 10.28 teraflops of computing power which is massive compared to PS4. This makes PS5 work seamlessly and as smooth as butter!

Moreover, PS4 Pro does not support native 4K games. It can offer either 4K resolution at 30 frames per second or 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Besides, this PlayStation uses checkerboarding, which is an optical illusion. Therefore, players get an illusion that they are playing at 4K resolution, but in reality, they are not.

Contrarily, PS5 has more than twice the computing power as PS4 Pro. Therefore, players can expect to play 4K as well as 8K games effortlessly. They will also get higher frame rates in this latest gaming console from Sony.

Graphics-wise Differentiation of PS5 and Xbox Series X

Specifications of Xbox Series X show that the console is far better than Sony’s PlayStation 5. The former has 12 teraflops computing power while the latter is limited to 1.28T. Additionally, the computer units of Xbox Series X are 52, while PS5 has 36 units. It clearly lags by 16 units which shall affect its performance.

This is a clear indication that you can play more 8K games on Xbox Series X than PS5. However, you need not be sad with the graphics quality of the latter. Both the makers have kept the graphics quality quite similar to get buyers in a tough time choosing between them.

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