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Man of the House Walkthrough & MC Endings Guide

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We all know reality is boring. That is why we tend to escape it as much as we could. We read books, listen to music, meditate, etc. just to run away from the bitterness of reality. Of all the ways to escape bitter reality, the best one would be to play video games. Unlike other activities, video games do not make us idle. We have to keep thinking and moving. But in a world in which no one else could enter. The world of video games is the world of our own. We are the masters of every little thing in that world and nobody dares to control us. Fighting villains, completing tasks, and finding treasure troves may be difficult in real life. However, in the life of gamers, it is not. The prevailing pandemic situation demands us to stay locked inside our houses. Though it was super-duper fun in the beginning, it got boring as days passed. To put a full stop to this, the best way is to play video games. There are many video games available in the market that can keep you engaged. However, we need entertainment more than just engaging in something that consumes time.

Man of The House Walkthrough & MC Ending Guide

This article about Man of the House Walkthrough and MC Endings guide covers all the choices in the game that will help you reach higher levels. This will enable you to unlock all of the scenes and endings in the Man of the House video game.

There is a list of things you must have in your mind while playing this playing before we begin to understand the core point of the video game.

  • If you want to make your gameplay easier, you have to use cheat codes. Using cheat codes helps you increase your money and lock your mood at the maximum.
  • If you do any action that grants you points to a character, you must repeat the same action to receive as many points as possible before they stop offering points anymore.
  • You must first perform the MC path till it gets completed. Only after its completion, you must move on to the next characters in the game.

Man of the house Walk-through MC

Step 1 :

  • You must play the introduction day- MC and learn all the first achievements. For instance, learning to climb the rope or +5 Mom’s love.
  • Purchase all the achievements you see in the game. Make sure that they are completely upgraded.

Step 2: Maximize the intellect and start the Charisma.

  • 10:00 – Hit the health club. That is where you work out. Then, talk to Amy. The game requires you to talk twice.
  • 10:00- After the step, head over to the Tanning room. You can find this room in the health club. Tan yourself. You have to be aware that you can be there in the Tanning room only once.
  • 11:00 – Work at the Pizzeria. You have to continue working in the same place till you get to the Milf level 3 that provides you alternative payment.
  • Anytime: You can learn online courses on your computer at any time. There are absolutely no specific timings or curfews for this one.
  • 18:00- You have to reach the Casino. You have to travel by transit to open the Casino.

Step 3: Maximizing the Strength and Charisma.

  • 10:00 – You must keep going to the Tanning room in the health club till your Charisma points reach the maximum level they can. You can go to the tanning room only once a day. Therefore, make sure you hit the place and max your Charisma points every day.
  • 12:00 – Train yourself to improve your strength. Your strength must increase from ten to fifty as in 10-20-30-40-50.
  • Save your progress before exiting. If the saving does not get completed successfully, reload the game. Walk during the night. If you find a thief on sight, run away.
  • 12:30- Hit the health club and work out. Work might require 30 points of strength. However, you have to keep working out till you reach the third level of Blonde – ‘Blonde Level 3’. You will require fifty strength points to reach this level.
  • Walk at night again. Find the guy from whom you can get a Taser. Buy the Taser from the guy.
  • Walk during the night. This time, if you find the thief, use the Taser on him instead of running away.

PAM (Pizzeria)

  • 11.00 is great to go. 11:00> 00.59

Megan (Coffee Shop)

  • 8:00 – This is the best time to talk to Megan about the police station and then talk with Veronica.
  • 11:00 Megan talks to MC with the help of Veronica. Getting acquainted is the primary goal of this step. It is an achievement to unlock.

Valarie – Owner of the Neon Club

  • 00:00- 00: 05 Hit the Neon Club that you can find behind the bar.


  • The twins in this will record the new albums in the city.

Other Events

  • DREAM – While sleeping, you might have a weird dream.

Christmas Special

  • Check on Veronica and scold her.
  • Check on Ashley. Say, “It is all right. I guess”.
  • Check-in on mom/ Claire.
  • Check on Veronica – That depends
  • Ashley’s drink is Red wine – Read the message.
  • Veronica’s drink is the Manhattan
  • Mom/ Claire’s drink is Irish Coffee.
  • Get to your room.

Man of the house events

There is a list of events in the Man of the house game that you can attend to unlock all the endings in it.

  • Dream – You will have a strange dream while sleeping.
  • Scold – You will have to scold Veronica.
  • It is all right, I guess – You have to check on Ashley.
  • You must check on Mom/ Claire.
  • That Depends – An event to check on Veronica.
  • You have to check for things in your room.

Man of The House Endings

You can see all the endings of the game that you have unlocked even before they even happen if you click on your bed and click “Thinking about the future.” You can notice that you can head back to the place before you began viewing the ending. Therefore, the progress you have made so far in the game remains undisturbed.

We hope this article gave you enough information about the Man of the House Walkthrough and the guide to MC Endings. Read the article thoroughly to have more fascinating gameplay. By using the guide, you will be able to upgrade the quality of your gameplay and perform better in the game.

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