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Idle Heroes Tier List 2021: Best Heroes for PvP and PvE

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Idle Heroes is one of the best video games right now. Most people prefer this game as it’s available for mobile devices. Idle Heroes is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can easily download this app from app stores. Well, most gamers are looking for the Idle heroes tier list. If you are one of them, we are here to help you out.

Idle Heroes is a game that has more than 200 heroes. Hence, you have to assemble a group of heroes while playing this game. Well, you will get several rewards when playing with these heroes.

To become a pro gamer, you need to train these heroes as well. They come with some special skills and you just have to train them. Hence, you can also convert these idle heroes into special material. Moreover, you can also use magical equipment while training them.

On the other hand, if you are using the multiplayer part, it will allow you to join the Guild. Hence, you can also join the worldwide Arena. No matter what you are doing, you will get various rewards for using Idle heroes.

As we noted above, you need to check the best Idle Heroes tier list to know more about this game. That’s why we are sharing the tier list in the following. If you are a new gamer, this list can be beneficial for you. So, make sure you are reading this list carefully. So, let’s get started.

Idle Heroes Tier List 2021 – Best Heroes 

As a newbie, playing this game is not a cup of tea. In reality, Idle Heroes is a very difficult game. So, if you are wishing to be a pro gamer, you need to understand the Idle heroes tier list. As we noted above, this game is packed with several factions, units, gameplays, and more.

Well, Idle Heroes have different characters. You need to choose them as per your requirements. In the following, let’s find out about the best Idle Heroes tier list:


S-Tier has the best heroes of this video game. When you are getting them, make sure you are keeping them as long as possible. As hurdling over PvE content is the goal of this game, you need S-Tier heroes to complete it.

On the other hand, having S-Tier heroes is very enjoyable as they are very competitive. Sigmund is one of the crucial heroes in this tier as he will play the role of both attacker and support. This hero also has three bonus effects including burn, enemy block reduction, and enemy armor reduction. Some other S-Tier heroes are Garuda, Delacium, and Heart Watcher.


When we are talking about the best Idle Heroes tier list, A-Tier plays a crucial role. This tier is popular for including very powerful heroes. However, this one is not that powerful compared to S-Tier.

It’s easy to clean the gameplay’s content when you have heroes from A-Tier. Plus, this tier also has a big list of heroes. Phoenix, Amen-Ra, Gerke, Deathsworn, and Fenlier are the support of A-Tier while Nakia can play both as attacker and support.

On the other note, Ithaqua, Das Moge, Aspen, and Tara are attackers. Each one of them has bonus status effects including burn, bleed, boost holy damage, and enemy speed reduction.


B-Tier has good heroes but they are not as strong as the other two tiers. However, you need to include B-Tier heroes to make a perfect team. These heroes have different skills, and they give a perfect balance to your team.

Belrain, Emily, Gustin, and Kroos are the supports of the B-Tier. On the other hand, Dark Arthindol, Barea, Asmodel, Amuvor, Aida, Faithblade, Bloodblade, Flamestrike, Xia, and Penny are attackers of this tier. These heroes have some bonus status effects including enemy armor reduction, boosting the party’s attack up to 50%, bleed, and burning.


Well, when we are talking about the Idle Heroes tier list, C-Tier looks average compared to the above three tiers. If you don’t have heroes from S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier, you can choose heroes from this one.

In reality, these heroes don’t excel in anything. So, they are easily ignored. Well, you can add some heroes to balance your team. Ormus and Groo are the supports of C-Tier. The attackers of this tier are Mihm, Aidan, Michelle, Baade, Jahra, Valkyrie, King Barton, and Vesa.

Their bonus status effects are burning, poison, enemy attack reduction, and healing allies. Even though these heroes are average, they can help others with their bonus status effects.


Well, D-Tier has below-average heroes. If you want to win this game, you can’t use these D-Tier heroes. Moreover, they will be useless by the middle of the game. If you don’t have top heroes, you can take one or two heroes from this tier.

Elyvia and Rosa are the support of D-Tier while Vesa works as both attacker and support. However, the D-Tier has only one attacker named Starlight. This tier also has some bonus status effects but they are not good enough.


In simple words, F-Tier is the worst one in this Idle Heroes tier list. You can get anything from this tier. Moreover, they are useless unless you have a preference to use them. So, it would be better if you do not include these heroes.

F-Tier has three ties including Corpsedemon, Oberon, and Kamath. There is no support in this tier. Well, Kamath has a bonus status effect to reduce enemy armor. Make sure you are not using this tier if you want to win, especially when you are a new gamer.


Finally, you know about the top idle heroes tier list. To become a pro gamer, you need to understand each tier carefully. As Idle Heroes is a difficult game, it will take time. Make sure you have read these tiers. For more information regarding Idle Heroes, you can start your research. Moreover, you can also contact some instructors.

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