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Fruit Clinic Mod Apk 0.2.7 (Unlimited Money)

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Fruit Clinic MOD (Unlimited Money) is a genius fruit surgeon game with a unique type of gameplay. The player needs to play the role of a surgeon to make stitches on the fruits for their treatment. The vegetables give different expressions while carrying out the surgery that makes anyone laugh. The surgeon has to learn using the surgical equipment to stitch the fruits with much safety. Different varieties of fruits come to visit the surgeon to stitch their wounds. The surgeon gets more rewards for treating them in very less time. The fruits have to go through a various procedure of treatment at a different level.

Information about Fruit Clinic Mod Apk

APP Name Fruit Clinic
Size 89M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On August 2020
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Fruit Clinic comes with a funny story of patients and surgeons. The player has to deal with the given role of the surgeon. Similarly, the fruits act as patients in the clinic. Different types of furniture, surgical tools, testing equipment, are available in the clinic, the same as a hospital. The surgeon has to choose which treatment to apply by looking into the defect in the fruits. The fruits may suffer from different inflammation like wounds, cuts, fractures etc. All these medical issues need a cure to save the life of fruits.

Features of Fruit Clinic MOD

The game comes with a unique type of gameplay and filled with the following features:-

Prepare tools for treatment

The surgeon needs to work for the upcoming operation done to the fruits by looking into the wounds. Different tools are available for the treatment of various fruits. The outer morphology of each fruit varies from one fruit to another. The surgeon needs to make the most appropriate tools for selecting the most effective device for the treatment.

Be serious with your job

The head of the clinic is the fruit operator. All the powers lie with his hand. The player only gets the roles of a surgeon and has to proceed operation with the guidelines. Any mistake happens while carrying the surgery can put your job at risk. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on the use of tools and the size of the wounds to make the operation successful. The rewarded points get deducted on the failure of the surgery.

Listen to good feedbacks

The feedback after the surgery plays a significant role in increasing the bonus points of the surgeon. It is necessary to create a good impression in front of the food operator and patients to become a trusted surgeon. At the end of the operation, each fruit shares their feedback in front of the operator. He is responsible for increasing the extra points in the game.

Earn more rewards

Fruit Clinic MOD apk comes with all tools unlocked which make the surgery easier due to the availability of the devices. The more vegetables and fruits come for the treatment, the easier it will be for the surgeon to grab bonus points.

Download Fruit Clinic MOD APK for Android

Fruit Clinic MOD comes with impressive features to bring a smile on any face. The expression and sounds of the fruits are enough to make the mood. The player can grab a lot of fun while dealing with cute fruits and vegetables.

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