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Modern Combat 5 MOD APK 5.6.0g (God Mode) for Android

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Modern Combat 5 MOD (God Mode) is an epic battle game by Gameloft which comes with an elevated FPS and online multiplayer features. Sharp and adequate controls take the game to the next level. Players can avail the best battle combat experience in the mobile without getting lag. Users can create a team of 9 players and use the heavily weighted gun for shooting the opponent. The team member who last till the end become the winner. It will let you experience dynamic warfare in unusual locations and rivals from different parts of the world. Solo and team play features are available to play according to the will.

Information about Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk

APP Name Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS
Size 18M
Features God Mode
Powered By
Last Update On October 2020
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Modern Combat 5 is an online FPS shooting game that gives new heights to eSports competition. The games start by creating an online squad for joining the combat. Players can join and enjoy the game in solo or team mode. The game has an online chat feature to talk to the squad members to make plans for the battle. Players can choose the guns and weapons according to their will for facing the struggle in the city of Tokyo. Different missions are available to complete. Performers can win rewards for passing the right level of Modern Combat 5.


Modern Combat 5 mod apk is full of heavy optimized graphics to give an extreme level of fulfilment. Advanced guns and weapons like recon, snipers, X1-Morph enhance the quality of the game. Nine types of unique skills available to use for customizing the teamplay mode. Participants can choose any playsuits like a bounty hunter, commander, Sapper, etc. to optimize the character according to the gameplay. The blazing squad vs squad matches takes action to the next level. Level up and accumulate XP mode give a different look to the game in every new mission. The sounds are quite sticky to suit the running scenes of the game.

Features of Modern Combat 5 Mobile

Modern Combat 5 mod apk is a game for exploring the talents of online war. Some of the features available to study in the game are the following:-

Solo campaign mode

This mode is an open challenge for players to show their shooting skills. Its interface and location remain the same in the game, but the player has to challenge all the players independently. Participants all around the world get connected to combat and try to shoot their opponents for completing the mission. Join the adrenaline rush and improve the reflex activation by shooting helicopters, vehicles, and persons to fail the plans. The music and voice over perfectly suit the situation.

Fully customizable controls

The buttons on the screen can be customized easily to play according to the comfortability. MOGA pro controllers come unlocked with mode B HID mode to governing the characters with simple clicks. Most users love to play the solo player mode to get experience to control buttons on the screen for shooting the targets. The new position of switches set to match the finger in the game. The same condition also applies to manage the team play.

Unified gaming progress

Features like level up, missions, and team play make the game more interesting. Modern Combat 5 mod apk comes with all high tier guns unlocked to shoot the opponents according to the situation. It’s better to master shooting small tier guns before going for the advanced one. The game continues into a fair process to make a player capable of facing advanced missions in the higher levels. Users can easily customize their weapons and master to use them at challenging levels.

Watch live FPS contest

The online multiplayer mode of the game allows us to watch the combat live even after getting out of the level. The highly optimized graphics gives a fantastic experience of viewing the most violent battles of guns and weapons. Blazing team and Squad vs Squad matches develop the spirit of joining the fight and shoot like a pro. Individual scores and leaderboards are displayed at the end of the game to make everyone know about the identity of the player. Users can also skip to watch the live contest and leave from the display at any time by clicking the exit button and proceed toward a new match.

Talk to other players

Modern Combat 5 apk gives a talk option to discuss the attacking plans with the team. Users can talk with unknown players and send them an open challenge. The chat option is present to send a secret message to any of the team members. It can be more fun and enjoyable to play in a team with friends. The talk option gives a better experience of enjoying the game like a verity display.

Final words

Modern Combat 5 is an advanced online multiplayer battle game having addictive features. The gameplay and high FPS aspects have grabbed a lot of fans all around the world. The customizable buttons, online talk, and screenplay of the game deserve a five-star rating in play store.

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