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Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk v1.25.7(Unlimited Everything)

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Shadow Fight 3 that is the successor of Shadow Fight 2 is one of the most engaging action games developed by Nekki.

Information about Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 

APP Name Shadow Fight 3 
Latest Version 1.25.7
Size 110 MB
Category Role Playing
Powered By
Last Update On September 2021
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The gaming industry has become dynamic and gamers are getting a wide range of high-quality games every day. However, if we talk about the mobile game industry, they are offering games of such high quality that you would probably stop playing games on a gaming console. The total ambiance has become highly challenging for game developers. If the game does not have an attractive storyline, high-quality graphics, and realistic moves, the game will not gain popularity. Anyway, keeping these points in mind, today, we have brought a new action game for you. This is Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK. If you love playing RPG games, this would definitely be on your mobile. Shadow Fight 3 will give you a pure taste of the action. You need to fight 1v1 using a wide range of weapons. The background music, fighting sounds are so real that you will never get bored even after playing this game for hours.

Talking about the ecosystem of the game, well, the shadows are trying to capture the world and you will need to defeat them. First of all, you need to choose a character among Dynasty, Heralds, and Legion at the very beginning of the game. The game is all about fighting and defeating your opponents using different types of deadliest weapons. This is how you can shut the door of the shadow power.

It does not matter whether you are an adult or a kid, you would enjoy playing this game. We cannot deny the fact that the Shadow Fight is a revolutionary game and Shadow Fight 3 is the successor of that game with improved characters, graphics, and sounds. The 3D graphics have taken the gaming experience to a whole new level. Apart from these, you will get the taste of powerful dynamic weapons, online battles, the pure presence of fractions, quests, and many more.

Features Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk

The features of the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk are as follows:

  • Eye-Catching Graphics: Meticulous attention, eye-catching graphics are certain features that you will find in all Shadow Fight games. Well, this game is not an exception. Here, the advanced 3d graphics, hand-to-hand combat moves, new weapon moves, and obviously the background music while fighting will definitely mesmerize you. The best part is that you will get all these things in a very compact size.
  • Enchanting Sounds In Different Situation: Since the beginning, we have been highlighting this particular part. In different situations, you will get different exciting sounds. This is something that you must experience on your own. We will suggest you to use headphones while playing this game.
  • Campaign Mode: The Campaign mode makes this game more interesting. You will have to face different enemies at different locations. Those enemies have their own special power and sometimes, you need to face new challenges such as no-weapon fight, invisible enemies, and many more.
  • Online Mode: After playing campaigning mode, you might be thinking to fight real players. Well, the developers know this very well and this is why there is an online mode where you can fight real players. Now, this is where the game will be challenging as well as addictive. If you do not have advanced weapons, it will be almost impossible to win online battles. Your opponents will not show mercy; they might have powerful weapons and so, they will always try to finish the game as early as possible.
  • Various Action Techniques: Various action techniques and magical powers are certain things that make the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk more approachable.

Mod Features

As of now, we have explained the common features of this game. Now, if you download the game from Google Play Store, you will have the same features. But, Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk has something more to offer. See the below-mentioned points to know more about them:

  • Unlimited Gems And Coins: In the Mod Apk, you will get unlimited gems and coins and so, unlocking powerful weapons will not be difficult for you.
  • Frozen Enemy: Now, this is an action-packed game, and sometimes, you might get powerful enemies. The Mod Apk offers a special feature through which you can freeze your enemies and thus, it will help you to win all the battles.
  • Unlocked VIP Items:If you want to get those VIP items, you need to spend real money. However, with the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk, you do not need to spend real money. All the VIP items will be unlocked.
  • No Annoying Ads: The appearance of the ads in the middle of the game is really annoying. However, if you go with the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk, you will not have to deal with the annoying ads.

Tips for Play Shadow fight 3

Shadow fight 3 Mod Apk is all about fighting and beating your opponents. There is no shortcut and so, you need to practice a lot. We will suggest you to play the campaign mode before getting into the online mode. It will help you to understand how to control your character and how to use the magical power. Gradually, you can unlock different weapons. Every weapon has its own advantage and disadvantage. The more you play; the more you will be able to understand the functions of different weapons. In the end, you can easily decide which one will be perfect for you. Apart from these, you should not forget to upgrade your weapons.


By now, you have understood everything about the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk. This game is super exciting and you are getting this in a very compact size. Moreover, you can play this game on any Android phone. You do not need a premium phone to play it but, playing it on a high-specification phone will give you a better gaming experience. Anyway, do not just think; download Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk today and enjoy the heat of the 1v1 battle.

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