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Download AVG Cleaner Pro APK 4.22.0 (Unlocked) for Android

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AVG Cleaner Pro (Mod, Unlocked) The processing speed of an Android phone slows down after some months of buying. It is all due to installing additional apps and junk files. The programming speed slows down from all those irregular files that are not cleared in time. For solving all these problems, there are many android productivity apps available on the play store. AVG Cleaner Pro comes under the category of top android productivity apps. It has the features to keep a smartphone run more smoother. It serves as an all in one app that can be used for cleaning junk files, duplicate files, clearing caches, managing files, etc.

Information about AVG Cleaner Pro APK

APP Name AVG Cleaner Pro
Version 4.22.0
Size 25 MB
Features Premium Unlocked
Category Productivity
Last Update On April 2020

AVG Cleaner Pro

The interface is quite simple and doesn’t make confusion while accessing any of the features. An option of device analysis is present on the top of the app that lets anyone know about the space. It has additional options like quick clean, memory, photos, unnecessary data on the same screen. It makes a user easily navigate to any of the options for controlling the settings. Turn on the automatic cleaning mode to 24 or 48 hours to clean all the junk files daily in the repeat time.

Features of AVG Cleaner Pro APK

AVG Cleaner Pro has a more awesome feature to increase the performance of an Android phone. Some of the features that a user can avail after installing the app are the following:-

RAM Memory booster and junk files cleaner:-

After installing additional apps, the RAM begins to fill and need a longer time for processing the functions. All those processing caches get saved inside the RAM space, which makes the phone slower after some days. All of these junk and cache files can be cleaned with just one click from AVG Cleaner Pro. A user can clean them just by clicking on clean RAM space, and it will rotate the wheel icon to clear up the junk files.

AVG Cleaner Pro as Smart file manager

The default file manager app that is pre-, installed on the phone doesn’t come with the more useful features. After installing the cleaner app, a user can access all the files easily from the app. The file managing interface provided by the AVG Cleaner app is much smarter. A user can easily file by applying the filter option on the app. The app automatically categorizes all images, audio, video clips, etc. in one place. It makes a user more comfortable searching for the required file.

Hide and lock apps

The app also has a feature to hide any application installed on the phone. Usually, a user only accesses some selected app on the phone, and some other useless apps are present just like an app icon. The cleaner app gives a feature to hide an app so that no one can look into it. AVG Cleaner Pro seems to be more useful if the user has installed some personal application that wants to maintain some privacy.

Remove preinstalled app

The preinstalled app takes most of the space on the phone. Typically, these apps can’t be removed from the phone. But, AVG Cleaner Pro also can remove these apps to save more space on RAM.

App analyzer to check details

It also has an option of an app analyzer that can track all the details of the app running in the background and slowing down the speed. Extra information like which app is taking more storage, draining mobile data can also be checked. A user can again disable the app if it has no vital role in the smartphone. It shows all the suggestions to be taken for the smooth running of the phone.

App remover to uninstall any apps

Apps can be uninstalled from the settings option of an Android phone. Apps like AVG Cleaner Pro grants permission to access the app while installing the application. Thus, the user gets a chance to remove the app directly for managing storage issues from your phone.

Battery saver and optimizer

Saving maximum battery is also an aim of AVG Cleaner Pro apk. The app has an app hibernation mode that stops all the background functioning of the app. It also gives notification regarding which app is draining more battery from the phone. The user gets full control to take a step to the extent of the use of more to few more hours with the help of the app hibernation feature.

Download AVG Cleaner Pro APK for Android

AVG Cleaner Pro is the most useful app for those who are facing battery draining problems. It is an automated app that gives additional features like app backup, storage manager, deleting a duplicate file, etc. Its one-click feature makes everything gets done in a few seconds. Act like WatchGuard for expanding the life of any android phone.

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