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Smash Mod Hit MOD APK 1.4.3 (Unlimited Ball/Premium) for Android

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Smash Hit is a game for exploring the intellectual journey of space and time. The player has to clear the path by smashing the round balls to remove all the obstruction. The whole trip will make you feel like moving in another dimension. The game requires a stable focus and concentration. It will let you explore the beautiful path made up of glass. The velocity of moving through the way increased with time. There are many levels available with new tracks and dimensions to give a different level of experience. The game is free of ads and requires no cost to play. But, it has a premium option available to purchase to get a new adventure.

Information about Smash Hit MOD APK

APP Name Smash Hit
Size 77M
Features Unlimited Ball/Premium
Powered By
Last Update On October 2020
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Smash Hit shares amazing graphics and music to take the gameplay to the next level. The synchronized music and scenes are correctly customized to make it an addictive game. The paths displayed in the view need and make you feel like playing a unique type of play. There are 15 types of graphic design used to create advanced scenes and animation effects. Tech music runs on background to make the game more interesting.

Features of Smash Hit APK

It is a simple game with an addictive type of gameplay. Some of the features to explore are the following:-

New futuristic dimension

The target paths displayed on the game is unique and valuable to attract more players. The player has to face both narrow and broader pathways to move forward in the game. It enhances the uniqueness of gameplay and doesn’t let a player feel bored with the same situation. The player has to clear the paths by smashing the iron balls at the right time. The throw should hit the right target to make a transparent way.

Unique synchronized gameplay

The music and scenes keep on changing at every new level. Different tech music is used that is enough to give joy to the player and gain attention to the last longer. The beats are following the motion effects to match the screenplay. The player has to throw the ball to destruct the physical wall and create a space to reach the next locations.

Realistic breaking mechanics

The player can experience every single beat of destruction episode in the paths. The sound effect of the breaking glasses and walls are genuine to experience the gameplay. The game follows the law of mechanics and gives much attention to throwing the ball. The more force applied on the ball decides the obstruction, the additional sound and breaking effects come as an output. Much effort is given for building the paths of the location.

Different rooms and stages

The game is full of rooms or stages to play. Every room gave terrific and unique types of scrolling effects. There are more than 50 rooms available to play. Once the player cleared the level, he gets full chance to open any of the played levels. The difficulty of game increases concerning the standard. The identical rule applies to the momentum of drizzling. The rate of ball splashing moves with different energy in different rooms. Obstacles like glasses, wood, walls, comes on the way to get splattered with the loons.

Download Smash Hit MOD APK for Android

Smash Hit is a game of throwing balls on the barriers coming on the way. The player needs to focus on the time lap and throwing speed for removing the wall. The game is best for exploring scenes of another dimension.

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