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Fallout 3: Bobblehead Locations Guide (2021)

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Who does not like video games? From pimples to wrinkles, people of every age group are fascinated by them. Playing video games is one of the best ways to relax after a long hectic day. Research proves that playing adventurous video games produces adrenaline in your brain as much as doing other sports activities do. It is a great way to escape reality and rejoice in a world of your own. Playing video games can be the best solution for extroverts who are stuck inside four closed walls due to the prevailing pandemic situation. Video games put the ‘Joy’ in Joystick. While there are many video games available in the market, it is important that you choose one that is worth the time and money you spend on it. In that case, Fallout 3 would be one of the top video games that can do justice to your spending.

Fallout 3 is an action role-playing game. Youngsters of this modern world love action games. A production unit named Bethesda SoftWorks published this post-apocalyptic game. This third installment of the game has received many awards and thus became one of the most popular games of the time. The quality of the game is impeccable. The gameplay is interesting and there are certain special features you can unlock in it to make it more fascinating. For instance, bobbleheads.

If you have just started playing the game, you might wonder what bobbleheads are. This article is all about the bobbleheads in the game Fallout 3 and the places where you can find them easily. Well, for starters, Bobbleheads in Fallout 3 are the special features that increase your stats permanently. Bobbleheads help increase both your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats and Skill stats. Besides, the most exciting thing about this is that this represents all the skills

Fallout 3 Bobblehead Locations Interactive Map

Listed below are the most prominently known bobbleheads and their locations. You can use this guide to step up your gameplay and spend your time playing in a better way.

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L Bobbleheads.

You can find the Strength bobblehead in the dwelling of Lucas Simms, which is in Megaton. You can find this bobblehead effortlessly if you have already disarmed the bomb. However, if you blow up the whole of Megaton, you will lose your bobblehead in the explosion. Therefore, you have to be highly cautious while attempting to disarm the bomb.

You can find the Perception Bobblehead in the Republic of Dave. This place, the Republic of Dave is in the northeastern corner of the World map. You will be able to locate the bobblehead on the shelf of the Museum of Dave. Interestingly, the Museum of Dave is one of the only places that you can access without having to speak to Dave. So, when you hit the museum and look at the shelf, you will find the precious Perception Bobblehead.

We greatly recommend the Endurance Bobblehead for the players in the high levels of the game. If you are a beginner and you find this bobblehead, it is better, you let it be and grab it later when your game gets tough. However, this is only when you are sure about taking down all the death claws. If not, you can take the bobblehead immediately and use it. You can find the Endurance Bobblehead in the Deathclaw Sanctuary. The Deathclaw sanctuary is on the south side and you can see the bobblehead placed on a small table.

The Charisma bobblehead is adventurous to find. You can find it in Vault 108. This vault is located eight squares north of the city of Rivet. This place is known as the home to the Charisma Bobbleheads. You must act with extreme cautiousness while attempting to get hold of this bobblehead because the Vault it is in is filled with baddies. Watch out while playing. You can find it located in the Western Area of the Cloning lab.

To find the Intelligence Bobblehead, you have to use a bit of your intelligence. The word Intelligence itself suggests that it is located in someplace related to smartness. Yes, the laboratory. You can find the Intelligence Bobblehead in the Science Lab located in Rivet city. As an intelligent player, you must follow the signs on the ship. These signs will lead you right to the place where you can find the Lab that has the bobblehead.

The Agility bobblehead is one of the most special bobbleheads in the game. You can find this bobblehead in the Greener Pastures Disposal Site, which you can see, in the top right corner of the World map. Please make sure that you have enough Radaway and Rad-X while attempting to find this bobblehead. It is because this place is filled with high radiation all over. When you get to the site, you will be able to find a shack. Inside it, you will be able to find a radiation suit and a stash of drugs. Enter into the building and you will be able to locate the Bobblehead of Agility inside it.

You can locate this bobblehead in the basement of the Arlington House at the Arlington Cemetery. You can find the bobblehead on a shelf inside it. To reach the Arlington Cemetery, you have to find your way through the Arlington Metro. You can find a waypoint name “Flooded Metro” near the Wilhelms Warf.

Skill Bobbleheads

In the Evergreen mills of the Evergreen Mills Bazar, the Barter bobblehead is present. Enter the room right to Smiling Jack, the Raider Merchant. In the corner of the room, you will be able to see a workbench. Get over the workbench and look for it. You can most likely find it on the most right of the shelves. (P.s: Smiling Jack, the Raider merchant is not hostile.)

You can easily find the Big Guns Bobblehead in Fort Constantine, which is in the basement of the CO quarters. You will have to kill the Protectron because he is always around there. After that, step down to the basement. Down in the basement, you will find a safe. This safe is not locked. It is deliberately left open. You can find the bobblehead, a 10mm pistol, some bottle caps, and the fort Launch codes to the left.

This bobblehead is one of the most fascinating ones of all time. You can find this bobblehead in the Raven Rock, in Colonel Autumn’s bedroom. The hallway will expand from Sections 2B to 2C and end with a door on the left and right. You must take the left one and retrieve the bobblehead inside it.

The explosive bobblehead is the most difficult to locate among the rest. You can find it on the south side of the WKML Broadcast station. The entrance of the place is tucked into a bunch of rocks. In that, search for a manhole. One of the easiest ways to find the manhole is to switch on the Broadcast signal from the station and listen to the signal to notice where it is the strongest.

Among all the bobbleheads, lockpick is the easiest to find. You can find this bobblehead in the Bethesda Ruins, in the East Offices, on the desk with the active lamp.

We hope this article helped you find the location of the bobbleheads in the game. Enjoy Fallout 3 at its best with the information listed above. Happy gaming!

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