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Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK 6.0.6 (Unlimited Money)

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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the most fascinating car racing games from the house of AxesInmotion Racing.

Information about Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD

APP Name Extreme Car Driving Simulator
Size 67M
Features Unlimited Money
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Last Update On July 2021
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Did you know that the popularity of the racing game is rapidly increasing day by day? The main reason behind it is its dynamic as well as engaging gameplay. Analyzing the present situation, we can certainly say that there are different types of games available in the app market. They are made for different types of gamers. But, the racing game has its own craze. Yes, now, we have got smartphones where we can play high-quality PC-like games. Now, you will not get a display as you get on a PC. On this compact display, you will always want a game that can provide mesmerizing graphics. Racing is something that will give you stunning graphics, endless action.

Unfortunately, not all racing games can give you good results. Yes, there are many racing games that are dull and less attractive. But, if we talk about Extreme Car Driving Simulator, it will give you a completely different experience. If you are a fan of small cars, this game will definitely satisfy you. The game has realistic physics and fascinating graphics. Moreover, the routes are designed for high-speed driving.

Features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk

If we make a list of true simulator games, Extreme Car Driving Simulator will definitely come at the top. Here, you will have full control over the brake, speed, and other important things that you generally find in a car. Apart from this, you can also change the camera setting. Talking about the security features of the cars, well, you will get all the latest security components such as emergency braking, ABS, and many more.

Anyway, in order to give you a concrete idea, we have explained the features of this game below:

  • Smooth And Dynamic Gameplay:

Talking about the gameplay of this game, well, this is very smooth as well as dynamic. You will have the option to play the game as a driver. You can go wherever you want with your supercar. As it is a simulator game, you will get a first-person experience. Due to its impressive graphics, you will have a realistic feeling. There are brake buttons, a gas pedal, and two direction buttons. The entire car controlling system is super easy. So, if you are new to a car simulator game, you will not have any kind of problem. Another interesting thing about this game is that here, you will not have to show the speed of your car. All you need to show is your driving skills. The more skills you will show; the more points you will earn.

There are different types of game modes in this game such as Traffic Mode, Checkpoints, and Solo Mode. If you just want to enjoy your driving, you can certainly go with the solo mode. If you need a realistic feel, you can go with the traffic mode. Well, at any point, if you hit anything, your car will get tint. You will have to repair it by spending in-game coins. Apart from these, there is a checkpoint mode where you will have to reach checkpoints and thus, you will be able to earn points. Moreover, you can turn the light on and off and you can also have observation mode.

You might be thinking every game comes up with a home screen still, why we are highlighting this thing separately. Well, the home screen of this game is spectacular. Yes, you will get all the features on a single screen. It actually makes the whole userinterface less complicated. You can select modes, and choose cars directly from the home screen. There is a garage section where you can customize your cars. The good thing is that you are getting more than 20 supercars. With the upcoming updates, you might get some more super interesting cars.

So, we have mentioned that you can customize cars in this game. But, there are other car simulator games that also provide the same feature; so, why this game is so special? Well, there are reasons behind it. Here, you can upgrade the engine of your car, and thus, you can improve the overall speed. Apart from this, you can change the colour, rim, and skin of the cars. In short, you will have the option to fully customize your cars in the Extreme Car Driving Simulator android game.

MOD Info

As of now, you have understood the basic features of this game. Now, the Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod apk offers something more. Yes, the extra features that you will get with Extreme Car Driving Simulator are as follows:

  • All Cars Unlocked: Earlier, we have mentioned that you will get a lot of supercars with this game. Now, all those cars will be locked in the basic version of this game. But, in the Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod apk, you will get them in an unlocked version right from the start. So, you can enjoy driving different cars from the very beginning.
  • Unlimited Money: Now, in the basic version of this game, you will have to play a lot and complete tasks to earn money. If you want to unlock any premium feature, you might not be able to do it instantly. Perhaps, you will have to play for a week and earn money to unlock it. But, if we talk about the mod apk, here, you will get unlimited money and so, unlocking anything becomes super easy in the modded version.

How to Play

Well, you will have to keep in mind that, it is not a racing game. In this simulator game, you will get easy controls. All you need to do is following the instruction. You will have to play in a different way depending upon the mode you are playing. Talking about the basic thing, you just need to drive the car properly. You will get different camera angles and so, controlling or viewing car driving becomes more interesting. If you like to race, the checkpoint mode will be suitable for you.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod Apk 6.0.6 – Free Download


We have explained everything about the Extreme Car Driving Mod Apk. The game is completely safe and so, you can download this simulator game on your smartphone. As the name suggests, you will definitely get extreme gameplay. So, you should not think further, install this game now and enjoy.

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