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Hunter Assassin Mod Apk 1.30 (Unlimited Diamonds/Unlocked)

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Hunter Assassin has become the most addictive game, even in very little time. It is the game of hunting the soldiers who are searching to kill the assassin. The player gets the role of a killer who has to eliminate all the soldiers present in the area one by one. The soldiers rendering on the place are very trained and detects the location with even little noise and sounds of the gun. The player had to hide on shadows and walls not to let them know about the plan. The level ends after killing all the soldiers present at that place to attack the assassin.

Information about Hunter Assassin Mod Apk

APP Name Hunter Assassin
Size 48M
Features Unlimited Diamonds/Unlocked
Powered By
Last Update On November 2020
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The interface gives an excellent environment to take pleasure in the battle. The game displayed all the locations of the soldiers from the top. It becomes easy for the assassin to identify the region of each of the soldiers coming to hunt. All are given machine guns and shields to fire and protect themselves from the bullet. The assassin has to find the perfect place to hide without getting recognized by the soldiers. The level changes once all get killed. The count of soldiers in the area increases gradually after the player reaches higher levels.

Features of Hunter Assassin

Hunter Assassin has amazing gameplay to attract a lot of players to enjoy the game. You can experience the following elements in the game:-

Hundreds of level to complete

The game is full of hundreds of levels to challenge the abundance of soldiers. In the beginning matches, there are very soldiers come to attack the assassin, but their number increases one by one after the killer clears the level. The total count of soldiers also gets decreased by one if the player is not able to kill the norm in more than five attempts. It is designed to formulate the killing skill of the assassin stepwise rather than making it tight in a single chance.

Change Skins and Armours

The player is allowed to change the skin of assassin to make it look unique from soldiers. Armours and guns also can be altered to get a different swag in the battle. The Assasin acts like a one-person army to defeat all of them like a smart shooter. The new skins and armour doesn’t add benefit to the shooting skill but only enhances to look more fabulous in the game.

Bonus level for rewards

The player has to go through a bonus level that comes once after completing every tenth level. It is added only to give additional rewards to the player. It makes him known that he has passed ten more phases after facing all the challenges. The soldier that comes in these levels can’t harm the assassin and enters only to die with his gun. The player has to keep running, and fire on these soldiers made up of glass and shot them to grab the bonus points.

Premium membership

The game offers a three-day trial to give a hunting experience to the players. It also has an option of premium membership that allows unlocking all the features, including the advertisement to get a good proficiency in playing the game. It will open all the arms and skins to test on the assassin and provide a comfortable playing experience.

Final words

Hunter Assassin is a fantastic game for shooting enthusiasts. It is more than a hide and sick game between a solo assassin and a bunch of soldiers. It displays excellent graphics and not let a player feel bore by adding some bonus level in the middle of the game.

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