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Download GTA San Andreas Apk+OBB for Android

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (APK+OBB) Download: Every time we talk about action games for mobile devices, we have to consider, GTA San Andreas from Rockstar games. The whole GTA series made by Rockstar games and all the games won the hearts of gamers all around the world. GTA game series is known for the different types of game style and intriguing storyline which supports the game. After releasing GTA San Andreas for platforms like PC and Play Station. Rockstar games realized that they had to release the game on mobile platforms like Android as well as iOS. GTA San Andreas apk on the mobile phones is hard to play but not impossible for the fanatics who love to play games on their mobile phones.

The game has already 1 million downloads only in google play store. If you want to play this game, you have to pay some money. Don’t worry; I found the GTA San Andreas mod apk. This mod apk lets you play this game for free on your android device. The mod contains the feature of unlimited money. So users don’t have to complete the missions to earn money. They can roam in the open-world. Let’s find out what makes this action game different than other games in the market.

Information about GTA San Andreas Apk

APP Name GTA/Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Version 2.00
Size 15.34 MB
Category Action
Last Update On December 2019

The game based on the state of San Andreas, which has different places like Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro. The protagonist’s name is Carl Jhonson, also known as CJ. CJ moved out of town because of the brother of him got murdered, and he had to leave the city to save himself. After the long five years, he came to know that his mom also got murdered, and that made him angry. Not only that, CJ’s remaining family was broke, and his friends were in danger so, but he also had to decide whether he wants to settle in the liberty city or he had to come back to his home town Los Santos and save his friends from the coming danger.

As some of you already know, Our Protagonist chose the second option and came to his home town to save his friends. After arriving at the home town, Two policemen of Los Santos threatens Carl Johnson to help with the illegal works for them. One thing led to another, and CJ became the head of Los Santos, Forming gangs one after another. He never wanted to choose this path, but the situations got terrible, and he had to do the dirty work for everyone. Now he had to control the streets and as well as find the criminal who killed his mother.


GTA San Andreas Android APK has gameplay similar to other games like GTA Vice City and GTA 3. The essential factor of GTA San Andreas mod apk is that any gamer can not decide the category of the GTA series because of its mixed gameplay. GTA San Andreas mod apk for Android has the third-person view, an Action game, Racing game, etc.

The game works on the storyline basis; you have to complete missions to go further in the game because of all the missions of GTA San Andreas apk leads to different paths of the game. GTA San Andreas is an Open-world game so you can do whatever you want. You Can Eat at a food joint, Drive cars, Steal cars, Participate in events, Meet new characters, etc. You can even walk and explore the areas of the game; Don’t worry about the story. Some players play the game because they like Open-world more than completing the missions.

You can purchase weapons from the gun stores and start gunfights with the enemy gang clans, and start gang wars. Be careful while shooting enemies because it can get arrest you from the police of San Andreas. The police sensitivity could count from the stars. The more the stars, the more chances to get arrested by police.

Game Graphics:

When we compare the San Andreas PC version and San Andreas Mobile version: The graphic quality will definitely vary because the mobile devices don’t have the specifications that can handle the visual quality of the PC version. So there’s no point in comparing both versions.

If we talk about how GTA SA Apk OBB on Android Phone will perform in mobile devices?. So the answer to that question is that it will run smoothly any mobile device which has two GB or more ram. GTA San Andreas mod apk also has inbuilt radio stations. When you enter any vehicle, that radio station will automatically start be working. The radio stations have the songs from the ’70s. Isn’t this cool?


The most exciting thing about the GTA San Andreas apk for Android is how users can customize anything they want during the gameplay. Users can change Attire, Hairstyle, and Facial hairstyles, etc.

Not only that Users can customize the cars and change colors and different parts of the cars as well. That vehicle can be useful during the completion of missions.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hack + MOD APK

How to Download GTA SA MOD APK for Android:

You have to do certain things to run GTA San Andreas apk successfully on your android device. First, download the Apk file as well as the OBB file. Apk file will contain the beginning data of any game. The OBB file will contain the whole game’s data. You have to download both files into your android device from the given links below:

After downloading follow these steps to install GTA SA Apk OBB on Android Phone:

  • Install the downloaded APK, Don’t open after installing
  • Unzip the OBB file. Copy/Move that file into Storage/Android/OBB folder
  • Open The installed San Andreas APK.

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