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KineMaster Pro Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked) No Watermark 2021

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In this article, we will discuss the downloading of the KineMaster mod apk, which is cracked and has all the unlocked features for all of the required versions without any watermark. The KineMaster mod is an entirely unlocked app for video editing for the platform of android without any watermark. You can easily download the KineMaster modded apk for android to get access to all of the features of the pro version of the KineMaster app. It is one of the most powerful videos editing tools in the android platform, and the free version has a disadvantage; it comes with a watermark in the project. Some of the pro features are also not available for the free version. Developed by the NexStreaming Corp, the KineMaster mod apk without watermark can be downloaded to get all of the pro features. It is also necessary to avoid the watermark as well.

Information about KineMaster Mod APK

APP Name KineMaster
Size 77 MB
Features Premium Unlocked
Category Video Players & Editors
Last Update On July 2020

What is KineMaster

KineMaster Video Editor is a video editing app available on both iOS and Android with the same interface on both devices. The App is the best tool for editing videos on a professional level on the go. The KineMaster was launched in October 2013 for the Android version that quickly developed into one of the world’s leading video editing applications. It is an easy-to-use video editor with tons of features that will allow us to create or edit any video with any media you want. The KineMaster comes under two types: the free subscription and the paid subscription (KineMaster Pro).

The app’s free version will have a watermark on every video you download in the app after editing. The KineMaster is suitable for people who want to edit and post videos on social media and other public platforms. But if you want a video editor for highly professional purposes, KineMaster Pro is your solution. The KineMaster Pro APK is available on both Android and iOS devices with a yearly paid subscription plan. It contains many premium features and powerful editing abilities that can deliver your video with a professional touch.

Exciting features of KineMaster Pro MOD

Some of the features of the KineMaster Mod Apk are given below.

The app has a very nice feature called Live Preview that allows you to watch the videos during editing to check for any faults or mistakes happening on the edited videos. Just clicking on the Live Preview button while editing will display the edited video on your live screen for further corrections.

The Chroma Key is the most notable feature on this app that allows you to change the background of the video. This is a highly advanced feature primarily found in only PC software, but thanks to KineMaster, you can avail of it on your phones too. You can apply the green screen in the video that enables you to change the video background in any way you want. Many movies and YouTube videos use this technique to cover the background from the video and change it, making it look very professional.

Animation is the process of making your video more attractive for your audiences and giving it the best professional touch. The animation feature in the program allows you to apply animation effects between the video with various animation effects to choose from the KineMaster Pro store. These effects can make any part of your video elements appealing to large audiences in the animated format.

The multi-track feature provides you the choice of adding up to 8 tracks simultaneously in the video you are editing. The feature will offer a studio-like feel when you combine many tracks and create excellent music backgrounds for your video.

The need for recording audio separately for the video is eliminated with the new feature of voice recording from the KineMaster Pro app. It allows you to add voiceovers in the app by recording them at the editing moment and apply it to the video.

Some of the quick features of KineMaster Pro APK are:

  • Allows you to import and export your project files
  • It provides you to add special audio effects from even robots and teddy voices and live recordings from real voices.
  • Allows you to write texts on video and create animation effects between the videos.
  • Let you apply the 3D transition effects and graphic clips for free in your videos.
  • Provides tools to trim, merge, crop, rotate, split, and maintain any aspect ratio on your videos.
  • Permits you to directly upload videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Drive.
  • Allows you to save the video in any quality, ranging from low, medium, and HD quality.

Why KineMaster Pro Mod

The KineMaster Pro Mod APK is the video editor with all the advanced features you can find in PC software and is downloaded alongside KineMaster Pro. The program is available on the Android platform with one of the most significant features for video editing and an advanced user interface once fully unlocked. The tools installed in the apps will provide a user-friendly experience to the user while editing videos. The interface of the KineMaster Pro Mod is so clean and elegant that anyone can know about the use of every feature with just one look. The program lets you do many things in a simple and enjoyable manner. You can create standard, professional, and normal videos for many social media applications like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and TikTok using the KineMaster Pro Mod.

Features of KineMaster Mod APK:

The highlighting features of the Kinemaster Mod application are:

The fade in and fade out features will make your full video look like on beautiful presentation with some editing changes. The KineMaster MOD APK can easily edit and customize your videos by just choosing any upper, lower, left, right, and bottom fade features chosen by the user.

The free version of the app will let you download every video with a watermark on it. Whether you edit or export the video from the free version, the watermark will come with every video. Only the premium version will remove the watermark, but it’s a paid app. Downloading the KineMaster Mod APK no watermark will provide you with all the premium features and can eliminate the watermark from all your videos.

The importance of a subtitle on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok videos is understood by influencers in social media applications that are in regular interaction with the users. Adding subtitles on your video will give a classic look and provide much more user engagement for viewers who know that language or not even close. The KineMaster Mod APK will help you edit the video after the shoot by giving the subtitles of your sounds through a unique feature of the app.

To make every video have a professional touch, you have to edit the videos using some of the premium external features. The KineMaster Mod allows you to add more than eight layers available in the app for all the texts, images, stickers, or videos in a step-by-step arrangement. The multiple layers effects will bring out the best output of edited videos, images, funny stickers, unique emojis, and text writing.

What’s new:

  • The previous version’s bug is fixed.
  • A new feature called the Shadow option is unlocked.
  • You can reverse the video lookups with the standard tools in the app.
  • The video quality exported can range between 4K to 2160p.
  • You can modify the speed control on all your time-lapse videos.
  • The app lets you directly export on YouTube, Drive, and Facebook.

Tips and Tricks

Sometimes, the KineMaster mod apk is unable to detect any media when searched in the device storage. When such a case happens, the user needs to grant all the permissions of the android device to the app. Initially, the app may take some time to index and process the media. Wait for a while, and the app will finish the processing and indexing the media. After that, the device needs to be rebooted to ensure the proper working of the app. For granting all of the required permissions to the app, the user needs to go to “Settings” to “Apps/All Apps” to the “KineMaster” app. From here, the permissions can be granted. It is well recommended to delete any previous mod version of the app if installed previously. The storage folder for the earlier version should also be deleted.

How to Download and Install KineMaster Mod APK

Download KineMaster mod apk and run it. In case of a problem, the app data and the app cache can be cleared. It is also recommended to switch off the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection while the editing is going on. With access to the internet, some features may misbehave while the video is being edited. It is always advised to edit the video offline and then be online to upload it. Also, the device should have enough internal memory and proper RAM space available to accommodate the working of the KineMaster mod apk without any hassle.


Why is KineMaster Mod APK asking me to buy tools in the unlocked version?

This problem happens all the time when the developer detects your mod APK. So, the simple solution is to turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi network while editing videos to avoid being traced by the developer.

Can I place my logo my company logo using Kinemaster Mod Unlocked APK?

You can play the logo on your video by using the video layering feature on KineMaster. Just click on the Add layer, then import your logo from anyplace and adjust it anywhere on the screen to create a self-brand for your videos.

Can I remove the watermark in the KineMaster Pro APK?

Yes, the Pro version will give you all the premium features for free. So, your exported videos will not contain any ‘Made with Kinemaster’ watermark on the top right part of the video.

What is KineMaster Cracked Premium or cracked version?

The open community developers modify the Kinemaster premium to provide the people who cannot afford the paid subscription of the app from the official play store. The KineMaster MOD APK Without watermark is just a basic mod version of the KineMaster Pro APK that can help you remove the watermark from your edited video while exporting it to other social media platforms. The KineMaster Pro APK also provides you access to more than 100 tools and premium features like slow-motion effects, animations, voice-over, live preview, and so on.


The KineMaster is one of the best applications for editing your videos with a professional touch. The premium version will allow you to leverage powerful features that can do wonders to your video after editing and uploading it on social platforms. The simple design, catchy and easy-to-use interface, and robust features have made it the handy video editor available in most smartphones in the world.

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