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Bloons TD 5 Mod APK 3.28 (Unlimited Money)

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Bloons TD 5 is an epic battle game between monkeys and bloons which is capable of giving a lot of joy. It’s a balloons war that comes on the way to block the area of monkeys. There are different varieties of monkeys available to choose for blasting the bloons. The monkey has to shoot and blast all the bloons going through the roads. The more balloons he can boom in the given time, the more score he can grab in the game—more than 50 types of curvy tracks available to provide a different level of pleasure.

Information about Bloons TD 5 Mod Apk

APP Name Bloons TD 5
Size 98M
Features Unlimited Money
Powered By
Last Update On October 2020
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It is a 2D battle game between monkeys and balloons. The player can take two or more monkeys and place them on different tracks to shoot all the aircraft going through the way. The monkey fires in the road continuously to shoot the balloons in a particular direction. The player has to change the position of monkeys looking into the movement of the aircraft going through the track. The game clears when the monkey shoots all the balloons coming from the source. On different levels, it sends different colours and sizes of balloons to provide unique gameplay.

Features of Bloons TD 5

Bloons TD 5 is the game for all ages. It is filled with the following type of function to explore:-

Build incredible towers

The towers play a great role in protecting and blocking the bloons to come towards the monkeys. There are more than 21 types of towers available in the game to preserve the blooms. The player can choose and set up any of the towers to protect the monkeys looking into the size and speed of balloons. The towers block their paths and send them to a new way of saving the life of the monkeys. The player also can unlock two new tracks to divert the direction of the bloons.

More than 50 tracks to explore

Different levels come with a new design of tracks. The complexity of the game depends upon the shape of the road. The curvier the record will, the more difficult it became for the monkey to shoot the balloons. The game becomes more challenging at a higher level as the path becomes curvier. Once the level gets unlocked, the player can choose any of the roads to play and master the game. The game also has the option to give a chance to play the level according to the choice.

Special mission and agents

The game has around ten special missions and monkey agents that help to blast the balloons. The tasks are kept separate other than level and give more adventure of shooting. Excluding all the features, the game also holds a collection of more than 250 levels to provide a new experience of enjoying the balloon battle. Players are also allowed to upgrade the shooting gun and monkey to shoot the balloons with satisfactory speed. There is no extra upgrade available to develop accuracy. The player needs to master his skill of shooting the bloons after a lot of practice.

Two-player cooperation

The game also can be accessed online between two players. Both of these players have the same role blasting the blood series passing through the track. Users have to invite his friend after creating a room on the game to start the battle. They can compete with their accuracy of shooting and the total number of bloons blast by both of them at the specific interval of gameplay.

Download Bloons TD 5 Mod APK 3.28 (Unlimited Money)

The gameplay of Bloons TD 5 is full of fun and entertainment. The player has to concentrate and blasts the moving balloons coming towards the monkey. The colourful interface and cute sounds are kept more pleasant to keep the attention of the player in the game.

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